How to Send a Follow Up Email After Interview with No Response? Manual with the Samples

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follow up email after interview Doesn’t it sound familiar: you finished the interview with your potential employer or partner and you are excited to get the answer soon? But after a few days and more, there is no any response. Sure, there are numerous reasons for such cases, and they are not necessarily connected with your actions. Moreover, maybe it is a sign to take faith in your hands. Today we are going to discuss what to do in these situations. Also, we have collected some follow up email samples when getting no response after an interview. The only important aspect here: do not start sending these emails the next day after the phone interview or the meeting. Otherwise, you can spoil the whole impression in any case.

Basic Tips for Structuring the Follow Up Email

Firstly, remember about time. As it was already mentioned, it is not appropriate to write the next day and ask about the decision. This will show your desperation and can diminish your value in the recruiter’s mind. Express your passion but remain professional. Despite the fact that in most cases we look for a job in order to pay bills, still, enthusiastic candidates are more often appreciated. The more you show how excited you are about the future collaboration, the higher chances to get the job. However, you need to show your professionalism. Too much emotion can signal about your desperation as well. So be focused on the important information. Also, do not allow yourself to show your angriness because of the long awaiting. Keep your email simple. Do not add complicated phrases or long sentences. In most cases, the straightforward message is the best way to express your thoughts and views. Questions like “Is the opening still available?” or “Do you have any news considering our interview” are effective and easy to answer.

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A Short Guide for Better Follow Ups

Subject Line

We are never tired to remind you the importance of the subject line in every business email. This element defines the destiny of the email, whether it will be opened or not. Considering the situation we are discussing now, the best subject line is the reply to the previous message of the receiver. We all know this catching-eye mark “Re:…”. In our case, it must look like something like that “Re: Interview on Tuesday at 11 AM”. Such emails have a high open rate and even spammers start using this trick to get more opened ones. However, when it comes to the professional correspondence, you will refer to the real event and likely to remind about you. So there is no need to start the new thread.

The Body of Follow Up Email

Along with your subject line, the main body of the email should be clear as well. This is one more important aspect of learning how to send a follow-up email after getting no response. As it was mentioned above, do not be afraid to write straightforward questions and display your interest. Depending on have you sent the “Thank You” follow-up or not there are two scenarios in case of no-reply. After “Thank You” email:

  • mention the reason you are writing (you had an interview and specify the date and time);
  • highlight that you are still interested in the job offer;
  • ask for the additional information.

Without previously sent “Thank You” email:

  • start by thanking for the person’s time and interest to your application (and specify the date as well);
  • referring to the job offer, say you would be happy to take it;
  • mention that your follow up is dedicated to asking for info about hiring progress;
  • thank the receiver again and finish your email.

Do Not Overfill Your Email Too Much

Remember what we said in the basic tips? Do not make your email complicated. Also, it means to not overfill it with various info and references. It must be dedicated to the single purpose – checking for updates considering your job interview. The simpler your follow up email after no response is, the more effective it will be. The receiver will be able to process the message quickly and will more likely reply to you. However, mind the meaningfulness and do not exclude the valuable information that may help to remind the reader about you and your situation.

The Company Says There Is No News Yet

It is a common situation though. Many candidates receive answers that the recruiters still need some time to make a decision. In some rare cases, they may specify what they are working on considering the hiring process. But the vast majority of replies are just vague. However, you may use their reply email as an opportunity to stay in touch and to provide the opportunity to follow up again later. You can write something like this: “Thank you for the reply. Can you specify the period I need to wait for the next step? Or when can I ask you for updates again? I look forward to work with your company, but I am aware it takes time to do the right choice, so I do not want to follow up more often than it is needed”.

Still No Response After Interview?

What to do in case you have not received any replies to your follow up emails? The first thing you need is to verify the email adress you have sent to is valid. You can do it with help of our free email verifier. If it’s OK, check that it has been more than two days without counting weekends. Do not rush the receiver. As long as you know how to write a follow up email after no response, do it properly. Use the same email thread to follow up once more. You can use this example as a template: “Hello, I am writing just to check whether you have received my previous emails. I follow up for updates considering our recent interview for a (position). Please, inform me about the results when you have time. Thanks.”

Be Patient

This point is like a tread through the article, as you may notice. The fact is some people consider their email should be answered immediately. But we are talking about business correspondence. Even in a case of working with only job applications, the recruiter can read dozens and even hundreds of emails daily. So give them at least 48 hours (or more) to get to your letter. However, if you feel it is time to take everything in your own hands, you can switch the receiver, in case there was more than one person in your interview.

Real Samples of Follow Up Emails After an Interview With no Response

Sample 1

Dear Mr./Ms._______, I applied for the vacant ________ position recently. I was happy to meet you and your co-workers. Due to fact that there is not any reply from your company, I decided to ask: do you still consider me working with you or the vacant position is taken already? In case you are still looking for suitable candidates for the ______ position, I want to show my sincere interest in working with you. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Amy Stone

Sample 2

Dear Mr./Ms._______, I’m writing you to inform that I am still very interested in the vacant position of ______ as we had an interview recently. After our conversation (use one or a few thoughts below) – I looked up some extra info on the internet and discovered that (true positive facts or statistic data about something you were discussing during the interview); – I started learning (qualification or skills you had not at the moment of the interview, but they are preferable for the job); – I have met (expert or the respectable professional in the target field) and discovered that (facts, knowledge, revelations that can have a positive impact on you possible working activity). (Then continue like this) This made me even more excited that there is a possibility to work with (the name of the company). I hope that you are considering my candidacy. Please inform me in case you require some extra information I can provide you with in order to help you in the hiring process. Best, Amy Stone

Sample 3

Dear Mr./Ms._______, We had our interview _____ weeks ago. According to our conversation, you were looking for a _____ specialist with (qualities), as this is required for the mentioned job. I am still available and interested in working with you in your company. And I am ready to persuade you that I have all the required qualities and qualifications and even more. If the mentioned opening is no longer available, I can show you my enthusiasm as a freelance worker in cases you will need extra help. Thank you, Amy Stone

Final Recommendations

At the end of the interview make sure you are aware of for how long you can expect for the reply. The simple question will save a lot of time and minimize the stress. Take into consideration that the recruiter can be busy as well. So collect the info on this matter as well. However, sending a follow-up email after no response for a few weeks is okay as well. This will show your interest and may serve as a reminder of your candidacy and your remarkable qualities.

Also, another info about emails you can read on this resource “How to write a professional email

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