Proofy terminology

Every address you verify will have a result that is either “Deliverable”, “Undeliverable” or “Risky”, “Unknow”. Here’s what each means:

DeliverableA deliverable result means the recipient’s mail server stated the recipient exists. Proofy has also performed additional analysis and determined this address is safe to send to within our up to 98,5% Deliverability Guarantee.
UndeliverableAn undeliverable result means the email address does not exist or is syntactically incorrect (and thus does not exist).
RiskyA risky result means that the address has quality issues that may result in a bounce or low engagement. Therefore, use caution when sending to risky addresses. Accept All, Disposable, and Role addresses are classified as Risky
UnknownProofy will return an unknown result when it was unable to get a response from the recipient’s mail server. This often happens if the destination mail server is too slow or temporarily unavailable. In some cases, retrying your request after about 5 minutes will return a valid or invalid response. Unknown addresses don’t count against your verification balance.