Terms of Service

Last updated: 15 May 2018

This policy documentation became valid on May 15, 2018, and it is a substitution to the Terms of Service we had before. Users accept new changes by keeping using the Proofy service and their activity will be regulated by new terms.
To get detailed info or the copy of the Terms of Service we have used before, or you want to stop using this service and delete your account, write an email to the [email protected] address.

Date: May 15, 2018

NOTE: This documentation includes Limitations of Liability, Remedy.


To get access to the service users need to push the “Agree” when they sign up. That is how you show that you accept the existing policy and terms, provide the proof that you have got familiarized with this agreement and that you realize that you now agree to receive the service on these terms. If you skip this stem, Proofy will not allow you to use any types of our service and you will have no rights to engage us in any type of business relationships.

  • License. According to this terms specified in this document Proofy promise to provide you and your authorized users with rights to use the services for Email Verification and other features of the Proofy service that is meant for its users. Also, you will be provided with the required software that is needed for using our services.
  • Term. The period of validity of this license ends at once without any special actions from your side when you stop using the Proofy and your subscription ends. Other cases of termination of the license before the set period can result from the violation of any of our policies, terms and other legal documents and rules that is available here. Also, Proofy holds the right to cancel any subscription and access to the account for the clients and users for any reason.
  • Government Order. In case Proofy become prohibited and the providing of the service, software and the access to the existing materials become impossible because of some laws, rules, regulations and other legitimate factors, Proofy does not hold any obligation to you. You cannot demand the terminated services and Proofy is not obligated to explain reasons and provide documents to you considering this situation.
  • Usage Restrictions. You are not allowed to examine the technical and other components of the service, copy or alter them unless your actions are in accordance with the existing legal regulations and our own policy limits. You cannot change, use the basic elements of the service for developing your projects. Also, it is forbidden for users to sell, loan, and somehow else provide any rights and access to the service. Proofy cannot be used for analyzing purposes of our competitors. No more than one account is allowed for free. It is prohibited to hinder the performance of the service. In case you break the mentioned rules your account will be immediately terminated and your license and access to the service will be canceled.
  • Control of the Access to Account and Passwords. You must realize that you are as a user are the one who holds the responsibility for the usage of your account and access to it. You and the other users that can have access to your account should be aware of the limitations of the password disclosure and do not reveal it to the people who should no use the service. You have to take serious measures to provide safety for your passwords. We strongly recommend to every client to inform us in case you may have suspicious your account has been hacked or your password has been changed. However, Proofy does not hold any responsibility to clients or third parties in case you did not provide the decent level of security to your account and password that has resulted in the unauthorized access to your account.
  • Payment. Proofy Subscription Plans are billed in advance and are non-refundable. There will be no refunds or credits for partial service or refunds made should you not use the Proofy Subscription Plan during a period of time when your account is open. No exceptions will be made. Should you upgrade or downgrade your Subscription Plan, your credit card will be charged your new billing rate immediately. Your credit card will then be charged your new billing rate every billing period thereafter unless you cancel your account. Proofy Verifications are billed in advanced, and are non-refundable. There will be no refunds or credits should you not use your entire Verification balance. No exceptions will be made.
  • When you register as pay user, the subscription can’t be refunded. A valid credit card or PayPal account is required for paying accounts. The user recognises the payment method provided, either credit card or PayPal account is valid. Confirms that belongs to his/her personally or to the company where is working on. The user is responsible to provide valid and truthful information that recognise the cardholder as the purchaser of the service. There will be no refunds nor any type of compensation if the user provides fraudulent billing information that is not real or truthful.
  • Permitted Use. Our clients have rights to apply our service only for the email verification purposes. All the actions considering this matter should be in accordance with our terms and policies and should not anyhow harm our reputation or service performance.
    Acceptable Use. The Proofy’s AUP (“Acceptance Use Policy”) determines the usage of the service by all the users. By submitting this document you automatically provide the info that you have read the text, understand the content and accept the fact that your actions within the Proofy service are regulated by those rules.
  • Intellectual Property. You accept the fact that any kind of intellectual property of the Proofy was delivered to you and permitted to use. All the types of property like titles, license keys and other elements of the Proofy’s intellectual goods are in the service’s disposal only. All the license keys and other similar data are under the protection of the US laws as well as laws of other countries and global regulations.
  • Forums, Blogs, and other Public Publications. Proofy can sometimes create blog posts and other public materials. All the info that will be disclosed to those areas not always will be ours and we do not hold any responsibility for the content of those publications and their content. We also are not responsible for deletion, altering and monitoring of that information. However, we hold our rights to clean any publications according to legal or policy purposes. Users and visitors cannot post there anything can be abusive, revealing or damaging to the service reputation or of the third parties. Also, we forbid posting of any illegal information that can violate human and commercial rights and our policies, can harm someone’s property, privacy and so on.
  • Posted Material License Grant. By posting any content or materials you automatically accept the fact that those materials become available to the public and anyone can use them according to their consideration, alter, rewrite, translate, adapt and post wherever and disclose or perform them any possible way in the media field. Also, you provide the right to the Proofy and its affiliates to use your name in connection with the materials and content that you have published before according to their consideration.

Ways of Notifying Proofy about cases or suspicions of the copyright violations. When you will have any suspicions that the results of your work and their parts have been copied, plagiarized and somehow else your copyrights were violated, you need to inform the Proofy’s agent who is responsible for the copyright matters and provide the info listed below. The process of notifying and solving copyright matters are valid only in case of Proofy and its affiliates.

  • A signature (physical or electronic) of the authorized person who is considered to be the holder of the copyrights
  • A characterization of the work on which you hold the copyright and which ones have been violated
  • The characterization of the place or resource where you have found the act of violation of your copyrights
  • Your contact information including phone number, email, and physical address
  • A proof that you are strongly sure that the mentioned usage of your materials can be considered as a violation of your copyrights according to the law
  • An acceptance of the fact that you are aware of the penalty of perjury and still you seriously consider that the mentioned act of usage of your materials means the violation of your copyrights
  • You can reach the Proofy’s Agent that is responsible for the copyright issues by the following way:


  • Indemnification. You must free Proofy, its workers, property and affiliates from any responsibilities and costs that can be resulted by the claims, judgments, law suits and so on in the following cases: (1) for violating of patents or other rights considering property according to the situation of connecting with any devises, programs and so on with the service or its parts; (2) for violation of the copyrights, slandering, libeling and other unwelcomed actions with your materials that have been transferred by you via the service; (3) in case of violating any of the terms and conditions specified in this document; (4) health or financial damage, death and other types of harms that have been resulted by your usage of the service as well as in connection with your possibility or impossibility to apply the service.
  • Universal Remedies. None of the remedies that have been specified by Proofy can exclude other existing remedies that have been specified by other laws, however, they should be cumulative. In case you decide to cancel this Proofy Agreement, you will be obligated to cover all the Proofy’s expenses considering fees for attorney and collection fees, and other expenses that may occur during the process including but not limited to the phone spends, postal charges, investigation costs, and compensations for the Proofy’s workers’ actions.
  • Confidentiality. The way you apply the Proofy service is under the regulation of the service’s Privacy Policy. You can read it after following the link. You submit that you have accepted the terms of this document only after reading it and realizing that now your activity within Proofy service is bound by them.
  • WARRANTY DISCLAIMER. Proofy provides its services “as is” as well as “when available” without any guarantees possible. Considering this, the service is not obligated to provide any guarantees and its representation in any oral or written form. You must understand and realize that you are responsible for any risks considering quality and the presentation of the service. You must cover any costs considering damages that are your fault. Proofy service does not hold any responsibility for providing you with constant error-free usage of the service, that all the information that you may transfer via the service will be delivered in uncorrupted form and within specified period, or that Proofy will warn you or exclude cases of consequences and results of the activity that is connected with the usage of the service. All the considerations, guarantees, and settings of any possible kind, revealed or implied, including, but without limitations, any guarantees of names, or non-violation of the rights, and other implied considerations, guarantees and settings of the appropriateness for the definite goal, commercial value, and (or) the ones that may arise from the process of usage, selling and are excluded hereby. Moreover, Proofy does not provide any guarantees that the results you may receive after using our service will be accurate and reliable, as well as any other data and materials that may be delivered or received during the service usage. You realize that any info or materials that were downloaded or received while using the service are under your responsibility and you are aware of any possible risks. Proofy in its turn does not hold any liability or responsibility for any harm, damaging or spoiling of your property (mentioning data, email addresses, hardware or media files).
  • Remedy Limitation. Despite the content of this document, this is the only remedy in case of the loss or spoiling of the service elements that may result the problems with performance and functions of the service, delays and violations of the Privacy Policy by Proofy, as well as partial or complete termination of the service without considering the type of actives, that may specify in the contract, tort like negligence, serious responsibility or somehow else being the direct harm, if any, that should not happen, in any case it should be included in this document and cost more than $1.00. Proofy is not responsible considering you and other parties for the accuracy, safety, timing, fullness or accessibility of the service or (and) its parts as well, including also critical warning notifications or unwelcomed access to the any possible way of communication and other info that is not meant for the public. You accept the fact the in any case Proofy and its affiliates will not be responsible for any possible damages (accidental, on purpose, indirect and so on) including the profit loss, revenues, products, loss of the access to the software, materials, emails and any other means of communication or other place where you may find the public data and info, financial expenses for the product exchange, replacement of the service, dealing with customers’ claims, according to this agreement, Privacy Policy of the Proofy, the cases when you cannot apply the software or other parts of the service, or Proofy’s actions or their absence, regardless of the type of action, contacting, tort (like negligence), serious responsibility or other, and without considering the fact those consequences was foreseen or not. The mentioned disclaimer cannot be used in the situations, including but not limiting to, when you cannot use the software or its components. When the software was provided without any charges, you accept that Proofy is not responsible for any harm. You accept the fact that you are the one who holds the responsibility for providing the decent level of protection as well as reserving the data and hardware that may be applied during usage of the service. The limits in this part are complex and the performed examples are provided as examples, but not as exhaustive matters. The points of the valid agreement show the positions of risks of the parties. This part of the agreement is the main base for the relationships between you and the service. Some jurisdictions are not after the excluding or limiting of the harms (both incidental and consequential) that is why any limiting or excluding cannot be applied to you.
  • Assignment and Delegation. Proofy can attribute this Agreement without previous notification and your permission. You, in your turn, cannot and are not allowed to attribute this Agreement or any of the user rights. Proofy can follow all the obligations according to this document on its own or by applying the services of the third parties like contractors.
  • Notices/On-Line Posting of General Changes.
  • In case there is no any regulation in the existing Agreement, all the notifications and the other messages from Proofy are deemed to be reasonably given in any form and sent to the person via [email protected] email.
  • All the notifications and messages will be delivered via email services to the address you have specified while signing up, except the cases you have informed Proofy about any alterations.
  • Despite all the mentioned here, Proofy holds the rights to alter, watch, exchange, modify system requirements and possible standards, usage acceptance terms and other policies that can affect the actions of our users, and inform them about this by any possible method, for instance, by posting news on the website or by delivering email. If you will keep using the service after the implementation of the mentioned changes, you automatically notify us that you accept the changes.
  • Force Majeure. None of the mentioned parties will hold any responsibility for not following any of the mentioned requirements and responsibilities in case of the causes that are beyond the possible level of control.
  • Miscellaneous Provisions.
  • Default Cancelation. Cancelation of the one Party from any service does not include the default cancelation from other services and for other features.
  • Survival. All the terms, guarantees and conditions that are specified in this document and are meant for supporting the process of holding to those conditions by both parties, should be followed by both parties, including processes of performance, termination, and alteration of this Agreement
  • This Document is not under the governing of United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods and such cases are not welcomed.
  • Right To Alter Systems, Equipment. Proofy can periodically alter the settings of Proofy’s elements and facilities, its features, geolocation of the physical elements, languages for programming, ID of user processes, terms of access and usage, numbers and types of the used resources, terms and regulations of our activity, management issues as well as directing of the controlling center that is meant to provide service to any possible place and location.