Bulk Email Verification Service

Companies, who sent mass emails will benefit from our bulk email verification service. Just add the list of addresses you need to check and get results!

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Bulk Email Verifier from Proofy in Numbers

98,5 %

deliverability guarantee. We have developed an email verification tool that can make your email list nearly perfect.

80 000 000+

email adresses checked.


checks for new users. Try our verification tool and become our loyal client.


per check. An Affordable service for every email marketer.

How does it work?


Sign up to create your account and get access to the
control panel. You can upload list of addresses to do the
bulk email validation and get access to API.


Open our bulk email checker, upload the file with your
email list with easy drag and drop feature or import the
subscriber list from your ESP and specify the validation


Analyze the reviews our email validation tool provides you with to sort of the invalid addresses and enhance your campaign.


Simple pay as you go pricing without hidden fees from only $0.006 per
check. We offer 500 free checks for all new customers. Need more?
Pay for checks

$0.006 / 1 check

  • 500 emails
  • Without any restrictions
  • Instant access
Pay for checks

$0.004 / 1 check

  • 2500 emails
  • Without any restrictions
  • Instant access
Pay for checks

$0.0029 / 1 check

  • 7500 emails
  • Without any restrictions
  • Instant access
Pay for checks

$0.0025 / 1 check

  • 15000 emails
  • Without any restrictions
  • Instant access

Need more flexible plan?

Drag the slider and choose the quantity you need

Get 200000 checks for $220
$0.0011 / per 1 check

 If you handle a huge lists of email addresses, please contact us for special rates.

FAQ about Bulk Email Verification

Does it require any app or program installed?

You can use our web service without any apps or programs on your PC. Bulk email verification is done online via our servers, so your IP reputation is safe as well. All you need is to upload the email list and download the results.

What number of addresses can be processed by your bulk email checker at a time?

There are no any restrictions on how many emails can be checked. The only limit is your pricing rate. So you can upload a file with the exact amount of emails you need and get the clean list for your marketing goals.

Do I need any special skills to use your email validation service?

Any person who is aware of basic computer and internet features can validate email lists with Proofy. The checking algorithms do all the work. Your job here is to upload the “dirty” list and soon get the “clean” one.

What format of email list file does your service recognize?

For now you can use files in .csv format. That is how our online bulk email verifier works. If your email list is stored in a file in another format, please, convert it to the specified one.

The fact that it can verify tens of thousands of emails within minutes is amazing. Great price compared to many of the competitors. The software works fine and has not had any hick ups so far.

— Rob Reimer

COO at Captarget

I honestly can say my search for a high quality low price email validation service is over. I have been using them for the past year and could not be happier.

— Anna Knyazan

Web Developer

It is just a pleasure to use this simple and convenient email verification service. Scans very fast, accurate, creditable service.

— Roman Onischuk

Product Manager

Any questions left?

Write to our managers and we will contact you as soon as possible in order to solve any issue you have.