Privacy Policy

Last updated: 15 May 2018

This policy documentation became valid on May 15, 2018, and it is a substitution to the Privacy Policy we had before. Users accept new changes by keeping using the Proofy service and their activity will be regulated by new terms.
To get detailed info or the copy of the Privacy Policy we have used before, or you want to stop using this service and delete your account, write an email to the [email protected] address.

Date: May 15, 2018
In this document, we explain the meaning of the Privacy and other practices we apply here in Proofy. We do this to supply you with the info on our policy and activity and other aspects of our service that use your data and the way we use it.
We appreciate that you have found the time to familiarize with our Privacy Policy documentation. In Proofy we put the privacy on the top level among our priorities. We also take the case of our clients and their level of awareness about data protection and your options considering this aspect.
Clients who want more information considering Privacy Policy can feel free to contact our office via [email protected] email.

In this Privacy Policy discuss the following aspects are discussed:

• The Organization Collecting Data at this Website
• EU–US Privacy Shield
• Keeping of Private Data
• Access to the Data and User Choice
• Usage of Information by the Service
• The Data We Accumulate and Work with
• Sharing of the Personal Info and its Revealing
• Publication of the Info on Blog and Forum
• Cookies
• Safety of the Platform & Agreement
• Log Files
• Profile
• Informational Protection and Security
• Firewalls
• Your Communication with Proofy
• Links to Other Sites
• Choice and Opt-out
• Change of Control / Asset Transfer
• Children Privacy Policy
• Clients’ Controlling of the Data Access and Sharing
• Information about Collecting of the Data
• Privacy Policy Updates
• Contact Us
This documentation shows aspects only of the Proofy services’ activity. We are not responsible or aware of other sites that may collect or send any kind of data to you on their behalf.
Our Privacy Policy always available on our website and other links and pages considering our activity.

The Organization Collecting Information at this Website

  • Proofy uses the instruments and technologies to maintain the process of the gathering email lists only with opt-ins
  • Our users can apply a few Proofy’s instruments and products
  • We offer several products or services to our users

Proofy’s main task considering this matter is to provide its users with the best emailing experience. We support only solicited collection of email addresses owners of which has opted-in in order to provide secure spam-free emailing environments for marketers and businesses.
Proofy provides services for Email Verification and confirmation in order to level up the trust to the recipients’ emails. The data usage that may be conducted by us can be only in accordance with the existing Privacy Policy. We work and own the website
Using our Site we provide our customers with the services that help to check the validity of the email address they have obtained via opt-in feature and exclude the cases of emailing to the non-existing, misspelled and abandoned addresses

EU–US Privacy Shield

  • Proofy follows all the existing world privacy rules and laws
  • We are responsible for the safety of your private information as soon as you are working with us
  • We may send your info to the solicited third parties in order to render or securing the Service to you
  • In case of any issues or questions considering Privacy you may address to [email protected]

Proofy is obligated to follow the world privacy rules and laws considering protection of the personal info of its users. In cases when the mentioned data is sent to the country outside the EEA/EU borders to the place with another privacy protection actions, the European Commission obliges to take extra measures to provide a decent level of safety considering this matter.
Any questions about data and privacy matters can be sent to [email protected]

Keeping of Private Data

We keep private info for the time it is required for providing the service to you
Privacy requests delivered to [email protected] will be handled with all our efforts
As we gather the personal info (incl. geolocation), we are going to use it for the time your account will be available to us, unless any legal reasons. But as soon as you contact us and request the deletion of your information, you can be sure that our service will do its best to fulfill your command. But you need to follow the guidelines to conduct the procedure right. We will reject the requests that are too persistent, need extra technical tools, violates the privacy of other people, and other reasons that can be explained by the legal instructions. If you want to terminate the communication with Proofy and want us to stop processing your data, contact our Privacy Office via [email protected].

Access to the Data and User Choice

  • You can look through, change, modify, or ask for deleting your private info addressing to the Proofy
  • You can request information about what of your data is stored in our service. In case you want to make some alterations or you want to exclude any of your data from our bases, you can change, modify and ask for deletion of your info by addressing to the Proofy Privacy Office via this email: [email protected]. Also, you can reach us and do the same actions via phone call or regular mail using the contact info provided below. In case you want to terminate your membership address directly to the service, please. Your request will be fulfilled in the nearest time possible.

Usage of Information by the Service

  • The Service may gather the data that is not personal when you apply it for your own business purposes
  • This info and data is required to watch, check and provide the security of the service or to set up the anonymous data things
  • When the personal and non-personal data is mixed as a unity it is considered as a personal one

The way we gather the non-personal data does not include the personal communication with any person and all the processes are conducted by the Service automatically. For instance, during your usage of the Service, it may collect the info like your IP, date and time zone, email etc.

Proofy gathers the info in order to manage and secure the providing of the service to its customers, to devise new tools, excluding any possible issues considering our service and to create an anonymous data product. In case of disclosing such data, we hide any personification patterns.

In case the personal and non-personal data is mixed as a unity it is considered as a personal one for the time it is combined. We have rights to reveal and transfer any kind of non-personal data such as anonymous data product as we decide.

The Data We Accumulate and Work with

  • We accumulate and use the data and info only in accordance with purposes mentioned in the policy
  • While creating the account in Proofy you will be asked to provide some personal info.We reserve the right to gather the info you disclose to us via the service and use it for any purpose that is in accordance with our activity. It can be an informational request, fulfilling the Terms and conditions regulations, enhancing the service, designing new features, handle the communication with you being a Proofy’s use and any other way that can be mentioned in the Privacy Policy.
    You can visit the Site without registration. To apply the service tools you need to create an account. The basic Account data that is required for this process include the following: name (the first and the last), valid email and your own unique password. This data is needed for identifying you as an authorized user of the Proofy. The info from your account is reserved on our protected servers.

Sharing of the Personal Info and its Revealing

  • Proofy does not disclose or reveal any of your data to the third parties unless it is in accordance with Privacy Policy
  • You data within our service will be available to you
  • Data sharing and revealing beyond the regulations of Privacy Policy can be done only with your permission
  • You can ask for the showing what info about you is collected and stored in our service
  • We use and process the data only for the internal goals and to provide required service here
  • We can share the data of yours in case it is needed for the further providing the service and its functions
    Excluding the mentioned situations, Proofy does not share any info from your Account Data and another type of private data to the third parties unless we have got permission from you. Also such actions can be possible if Proofy decides that (1) it is in accordance with the existing laws and other regulations, (2) we need to secure our own rights and possessions, (3) we need to secure other customers and user and their data from unsolicited access, (4) we need to secure our workers or customers and their possessions. The cases of the revealing of the mentioned information will be resulted by the urgent need, ultimate situations and if it will be required by the legal regulations. However, Proofy holds the rights to refuse in any kind of informational disclosure in its sole discretion.

If you want to check what kind of info on you we have collected and store while you using our service and website, you can address your requests here [email protected]. We will reply to your request as soon as possible within 30 working days after we will receive a message from you.

The collection of the data is needed for the providing of the service. The accumulated info is used only for service and analytical purposes. Excluding the mentioned situations, we do not use the collected info including lists of emails you verify here somehow and do not sell, lend and somehow else transfer it to the third parties. However, Proofy works with the proven third parties for providing service that is why sometimes we can share some data. However, those services have no rights to accumulate and store the received data. To get the list of such services write at this email [email protected]

Here are some cases of sharing the data by Proofy to the third parties: (1) they are our corporate affiliates, (2) they are our service providers (but they will receive only that data that is required for the service providing), (3) if this is a buyer of the Proofy service in case if its purchase. Proofy sets the rules for data usage for those affiliates and limits it with the situations required for the service providing. Proofy may use the data for creating statistics that will include the data about customers, sales and usage behavior without any personifying features.

Publication of the Info on Blog and Forum

Proofy does not protect any info that can be disclosed to the public via blog comments and forums
We have our own blog where users can leave their comments about the posted materials. We warn our users and visitors about revealing any of their personal info in those areas as it is available to anyone and to any services as well. If you want any disclosed data to be deleted from the blogs of forums of Proofy you need address your request to the Privacy Office via [email protected]. You will be informed in case it is not possible to delete the requested information and reasons of such situations.


  • As with many similar services, Proofy uses cookies for improving user experience and some features and functions of the service

The usage of the cookies is the established process. It is required for many purposes including memorizing your log-in information to keep you in the service. The process stops when you log out. Such data is collected during the time you use the service and is deleted within a few hours after. Cookies are not used for accumulating and storing any personal data. You also can turn off the cookies using your browser settings. Disabling of this feature leads to the absence of “being logged in” feature.

Safety of the Platform & Agreement

  • Proofy applies services of the third parties in order to preclude frauds and any kinds of abuse

We have added to our systems special elements in order to prevent any kind of unwelcome activity including abuses and frauds, risks of damaging of our service and its parts and violating of the terms and regulations from our policy. Those system elements accumulate the data about your actions on our website and analyze the way you interact with it and Proofy service in general. That data may consist of info about your location, IP, gadget ID and account information. The received data is used only in accordance with the regulations for the Proofy Safety and Compliance Mechanisms.

Log files

  • Proofy keeps some data for its sole usage in order to provide the Service, solving any technical issues and for marketing needs

Proofy, as well as other websites, collect and keeps some data in log files. This data includes IP, the name of the browser, ISP data, pages you visit, OS of your device or computer, timing, and other online data. This is required for analyzing purposes, improvement planning and collecting the demographic data of the whole community of people who are involved in usage or visiting our service and site.
In some cases, log data may be combined with your personal data considering Proofy service. This approach is required for problem-solving purposes and technical support for clients based on their issues, as well as for controlling purposes of the internal activity within the service.

For data collecting purposes our service uses Google Analytics provided by Google, Inc. This tool collects cookies and places them in the txt files on your computer and they are required for analyzing purposes of the website processes and your activity within it. The collected data from the cookies that represent how you use the website (incl. IP) will be sent to the servers of Google in the US. This information is used by Google for various purposes like estimating the quality of the website and your activity there, creating the reports on the site’s performance for the operators and other services that are connected to the website and its usage. Also, your data can be sent to the third parties by Google in accordance with its policy and legal reasons in order to operate with this data if needed. However, Google does not connect the IP information with any other one that can be stored on its servers. In case you want to exclude cases of cookies usage, you can set specific parameters in your browser settings. Keep in mind that such actions can have an effect on the website functions and logging processes. If you will keep applying our service and site you automatically agree with the mentioned cases of collecting and using your data by Google as it has been described above.


The accumulation of the data via cookies is used for the creation of the unique “profile” according to you preferences considering activity within the website and service. This helps us to display personalized ads and promotions in order to make your user experience better. The mentioned data are not transferred to other people or services.

Informational Protection and Security

  • Proofy sets limits to the system elements and data according to the responsibilities of the employees
  • A lot of features and processes of the service are conducted automatically
  • Data usage and collecting sticks and is aimed at the best level of the safety

Our workers, as well as services we apply in our work, have limited access to the Account Data, log files and metadata. To provide the safety of that materials we use safeguards that eliminate cases of unwelcomed usage, changing and collecting the information and control those processes. Access to the stored data is available to the allowed employees and personnel and their actions with those materials are regulated by this Privacy Policy. Servers of our service are situated in the US. The logging process is conducted via SSL and all passwords are coded and stored in the encrypted form.

Processes of our service are mostly automated. Our workers do not check any private content of our clients unless it is required to solve any present issues or because of the legal reasons, or after receiving the allowance of the client. Your lists of email addresses you upload for verification and other similar data is kept on the storage provided by Digital Ocean service.


We pay much attention to the protection of the info we receive from our users. To provide the highest level of security considering this matter we protect the received and stored data with firewalls and invader-detection systems (various mixtures of hardware and software that prevent unwelcome access to the data), as well as other instruments for creating secure informational space. We want to highlight, that despite all our efforts we cannot give you 100% guarantee that all the data you transfer via the internet sources are safe as none of the existing services and sites can provide 100% protection. Proofy guarantees that our service and the team will do their bests to provide the highest level of the security possible. However, we do not hold any responsibility for the security of the data you reveal to us via the internet and cannot somehow be responsible for any unsolicited usage of your personal info.

Your Communication with Proofy

  • You can select whether your wat or not receive the promotional and other commercial messages from Proofy
  • The communication that means transferring of the service and supporting messages is needed
  • To provide a decent level of communication with our clients we use Drift
  • Your communication with Proofy can be recorded by those services

Newsletters. To our users who have created an account within Proofy, we deliver this type of messages for conducting informational exchange and keep you aware of the new offers, new features, and functions as well as products. You can easily cancel such subscription following the instructions for opting out.
Announcements of the service. Such informational messages will contain the news about some changes in case it is important for you to know. In case of some delays and problems with the service providing you will be notified. Usually, we do not recommend our users to exclude such communication and opt out. However, you can stop receiving these emails if you terminate your account.
Customer service. We will use any of the available and convenient means of communication like chats, emails, Intercom and so on to answer your requests and help you to solve any issues considering the usage of the service.
We may require some of your data line name, location and so on to conduct such communications. Any received data will be safely kept in our data storage. The materials may be the following: recorded conversations with our managers, textual materials and links, and files. In case you need to delete any of the mentioned objects and files you need to write an email to [email protected].

Links to Other Sites

  • We may connect you to other websites sometimes
  • We do not control the way other sites act with the personal data they may receive
  • This Privacy Policy can be applied only to our website

Keep in mind that when you visit another website, get the email messages and notifications from our service, you can be addressed to other websites we do not control and not responsible for. Those sites may accumulate your info and available private data as well as send you cookies and other info from the site. We want to highlight that the Privacy Policy regulations can differ drastically from the ones you may see here. That is why our service does not hold any responsibility for the privacy issues on the other sites as well as there are no any guarantees from our side that your data is safe and what kind of your private info is collected there. Remember, that despite you may view any of your personal info on our site while linking to another one; this info is protected and unavailable to the third parties. This is possible only if you take any actions like filling in registration or purchase form etc.

Choice and Opt-out

In case you wish to terminate our collaboration and stop receiving our emails and other messages, you can opt out and follow the provided instructions. Also, you can alter the setting considering notifications and get the info you want excluding any other.

Change of Control / Asset Transfer

  • Your data is contemplated as a business possession while providing the Service
  • Proofy may send it whole or partially to the acquirer as a part of possession transfer
  • We do not notify our clients in case of a Change of Control or Asset Transfer

Proofy is able to purchase other businesses and their parts as well as sell our business partially or the whole. Clients info is considered as a part of such business and is included in such processes. In this case, the whole parts of Proofy including clients info and other collected data of the website and service will include in the process. However, every user of the service will get a notification according to the points of “Changes to this Privacy Policy” section and will be informed about their data being transferred to another owner of the business or its parts.

Children Privacy Policy

  • Proofy does not consciously accumulate, use, or distribute any personal data or info of the individuals under the age of 13

Proofy works in accordance with the COPPA (“Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act”). Thus we do not intentionally collect the data of the individuals who are less than 13 years old via our service.
In case of unintentional case of collecting the data of the kid who is under 13, our team will make reasonable actions to exclude that data. If you have noticed something like this, please, inform us via [email protected].

Clients’ Controlling of the Data Access and Sharing

  • Access to the information (that customers provide to Proofy) and its alteration possibilities are in the customers’ disposal
    Proofy is aware that every person has all rights to get access to his or her personal data. The Service does not maintain any relationships with people whose information is available in its database. If the user wants to change or delete the provided data, it can be done via Proofy’s Client. Requests for deleting the data are processed and fulfilled within 30 working days.
    We can hold your personal info that you have provided before for the time we provide the service to you. Proofy can hold the mentioned info no longer than it is allowed by legal regulations and in accordance with our agreement.

Information about Collecting of the Data

  • Proofy has rights to operates with your data even if you are not included in our customer base
  • Any privacy complaints and issues must be sent to the entity that has provided your data to us

Proofy gathers the data by means of our customers and does not maintain any relationships with people whose data we have in the result. In case you want to cancel the communication with any of entities that are now our clients, please direct your request to that service, company, unity etc. we may send some private data to the other companies that support the activity of our service. This is done only in accordance with the Clients’ agreement.

Privacy Policy Updates

  • Proofy have all rights to alter this policy whenever it is required
  • Users are always informed about any changes made and have rights to opt-out if they want
    Proofy holds the rights to alter in any way this policy and it can be done at any time because of any reason. Changes that are made will be displayed here. Users will get notifications and will be able to get familiar with the new aspects of this document and check whether they are in compliance with the Effective Date section. So when the Proofy decides to alter the way of data usage that is known now, all changes will be displayed here and every user and customer is free to study them and decide whether they want to keep using Proofy or opt-out. If you keep using the Proofy services after the mentioned changes, you automatically accept the new Privacy Policy documentation.

Contact Us

In case you have any Privacy Policy issues or require more info on this matter, feel free to contact us via [email protected].