Using API

Our API is really easy to use. All you need is to send a http request.

Request{User ID}&key={API key}&mail={MAIL}

10  }}

statusMail status id: 1 – deliverable, 2 – risky, 3 – undeliverable.
statusNameName for status id: deliverable, risky, undeliverable.
mailUse this adress for send mail and other. It’s check some errors.
If you check email ““, value “mail” will be contains ““.
syntaxIs email have correct syntax (“1” – correct syntax, “0” – incorrect syntax).
isMxIs email domine have MX record in DNS records (“1” – have MX record, “0” – don’t have MX record).
roleIs email name have a role. Example: support, info, noreply, etc. (“1” – role, “0” – not role).
freeIs free email hosting. Example:,,, etc. (“1” – free, “0” – corporate email).
disposableIs disposable email. (“1” – disposable, “0” – not disposable).


Example error ansver:

  "message":"MAIL is missing.",

Errors list

Error idDescription
1KEY is missing
2AID is missing
3MAIL is missing
4KEY is not valid
5You don’t have checks. Check your balance.