Enterprise Email Verification Platform

Proudly improve the largest brands’ email marketing efficiency.

Several business units? Not a problem with Proofy

No need to create a bunch of accounts to manage your data across multiple companies, brands, or business sectors.
Multi-user/Multi-account collaboration is available out of the box.
Assign each of your users with a role giving them the most appropriate level of control and not more. Choose the most suitable role to control your email database health.

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Complete GDPR compliance

Data protection is an integral part of your organization’s day-to-day operations. We at Proofy understand this, so we guarantee full control over personally identifiable information (PII) or sensitive personal information (SPI).

Unbreakable Safety

Trusted by the world’s biggest brands, our security system tends to be the best in keeping your data out of any danger.

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Flexible Pricing

We are open to all our customers to fit their specific needs and develop a pricing plan that suits perfectly. Our goal is assisting you in accomplishing your business needs, helping you using the verification credits efficiently.

What People Are Saying

Manoj L
“Overal software is amazing and worth checking your email list before sending out an email so that you can avoid a high bounce rate in your email lists and get a high email inbox delivery rate which is something most email marketing person avoids in the first. For quickly I recommend email marketer just like you to use the software. thank you

Pros: One of the finest features that I loved is email list analysis which helps me to understand it quickly and promptly remove the undeliverable emails.
Cons: I didn't find any. I'd contact the support team if there is any need. :)”

— Manoj L

Email marketing manager

Yoosuf H.
“Overall: As I used the tool primarily for removing unusable emails from our outreach list and email database it was a really good tool which help us get the most of the situation.
Pros: The User-Friendly interface and also the fact that its rather easy to upload and get results within a rather short span of time. Its really useful for me because it helped me in filtering out hard bounce and soft bounce emails from our database which would otherwise negatively affect our server status.
Cons: Not really much to say negative about this as it solved my needs with ease”
— Yoosuf H.

Digital Marketing Manager Online Media

Enterprise Pricing

Don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss the custom pricing options!

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