Anti-Spam Policy

Last updated: 15 May 2018

This is an update to the previous policy

This document has been changed according to the new Acceptance Use Policy from May 25, 2020.

Staying with Proofy since May 25, 2020, you automatically agree to use service according to the new policy.

In case you have questions or want to terminate usage of the Proofy and delete your account, write an email to [email protected]

Proofy does not stand spam activity and does not maintain spamming activity. Under “spamming” we mean sending out unwelcomed emails to the people who previously did not give the permission to such outreach and the sender have never had any previous relationships with the receiver.

That is why we watch whether there are non-opted-in emails in the lists of our users while verifying them. In case we detect the presence of such addresses we terminate the account of such users.

If you want to keep using Proofy service, you must accept the requirement not to verify non-opted-in emails. All the future receivers of your letters must provide you with the permission to do so.

The process of opting-in can be done via filling in the sign-up or buying form, or via the physical sign-up forms. You cannot verify the bought lists as this will be the violation of the mentioned policy.

The usage of the Proofy service will be restricted if you:

  • start verifying lists of emails that were harvested from any online and other sources;
  • start verifying bought database (even if the addresses in it were collected vial opt-in process);
  • start verifying altered emails (this activity also called directory harvesting );
  • start verifying the list of emails that were generated using email appending methods;
  • start verifying the list of addresses without previously received permission of the owners to communicate with them.

You are allowed to:

– verify lists of emails that were collected via the opt-in method and you have got the permission to reach out to the owner of each address;
– verify addresses that you have collected from the sign-ups in order to check their correctness.

Reporting Abuse

Please inform us in case you will notice or suspect the abusing activity and send a letter to the [email protected]. We also check the notifications from the ISPs and Blacklist administrators that can deliver their requests to the [email protected] address as well. To make sure you conduct a relevant transaction, forward the full SMTP logs. We will immediately react to such informing and take proper measures.

Dealing with Complaints

You will lose the access to the Proofy services in case we, according to our own point of view, notice you are conducting any forbidden activity like verifying non-opted-in addresses. If you will be caught in verifying in any way forbidden email lists, you may be charged $100 (US) per case (for instance, verification) according to the federal laws.

In order to check whether you verify non-opted-in lists of emails we will:

– check the verification activity for patterns that indicate the harvested and non-opted-in addresses;
– check for the presence of any abuse complaints.

Proofy holds the right to terminate any subscription in our Service if we decide so at our sole discretion.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, our practices or your dealings with us, please contact us