Email Validation API

  "email": "",
  "did_you_mean": "",
  "format_valid": true,
  "mx_found": true,
  "catch_all": false,
  "role": true,
  "disposable": false,
  "free": false,
10   "score": 0.8

How to use it?

We have provided you with our powerful email verification API that you can
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Advantages of using Email Address Verification API

Normal bounce rates

Normal bounce rates

Email address verification API helps to maintain the decent reputation in mail services and protects your emails from getting into spam.

Clean email list

Clean email list

Verify email address using the API and eliminate the invalid ones. Reduce the number of fake signups and level up your deliverability rate.

Effective campaigns

Effective campaigns

Email validation API provides you with proof you send newsletters to real people and subscribers, who are interested in your offer.

Good open and click-through rates

Good open and click-through rates

As soon as email verification API is done, you start working with a quality audience that is more likely do the expected conversion.

Who can benefit from email validation API?

Email marketers can get rid of invalid addresses and improve their
campaign results.

  • reduce invalid or fake addresses from your email list and increase the deliverability rates to 96,7%;

  • prevent abuse and spam complaints due to misspelled addresses;

  • provide subscribers with the opportunity to restore their subscription using valid data.

High traffic websites also need email verification API, as it helps to:

  • prevent bots and misspelled addresses;

  • send emails to real people, who are interested in your offer and reduce 96,7% bounced emails;

  • lower mailing costs as you will eliminate the invalid addresses and increase the efficiency of your campaign.

Internet-shops will improve their business with API verification
as well:

  • send emails to the verified addresses so you will not miss any of your clients;

  • protect the IP reputation by decreasing the number of newsletters sent to mistaken addresses;

  • save money by sorting of the bad emails as approximately 30% of your email lists becomes invalid in a year without proper verification.

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The fact that it can verify tens of thousands of emails within minutes is amazing. Great price compared to many of the competitors. The software works fine and has not had any hick ups so far.

— Rob Reimer

COO at Captarget

I honestly can say my search for a high quality low price email validation service is over. I have been using them for the past year and could not be happier.

— Anna Knyazan

Web Developer

It is just a pleasure to use this simple and convenient email verification service. Scans very fast, accurate, creditable service.

— Roman Onischuk

Product Manager

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