How To Find Email Addresses: 11 Methods

Anton Shabatov - March 26, 2018 - 0 comments

ways to find someone's email address

Modern marketing approach means selling, increasing web-traffic, and distributing valuable materials via emailing. It is vital here to reach the target audience. The main problem here is how to find someone’s email address and be sure it is real and belongs to the target person. Luckily for us, there are plenty of techniques, methods, and tricks that provide you with the required contact info. Moreover, you can do so without violating any laws and the privacy policies.

Why Is It Vital to Use Someone’s Personal Address?

According to our experience, when we contact the blogger, marketer and so on directly, it increases chances to get to the point eventually. That is why it is better to avoid using addresses like [email protected]. We need to do some investigations first, but then we will be sure our message is about to be read. Also, the letters delivered directly to the person instead of using the numerous intermediates usually is taken more seriously.

When we desperately require personal emails? For instance, when we applying for a job, asking for an interview, offering some kind of collaboration and similar cases. Moreover, the fact you have found the person’s email can show you are persistent and hardworking. So let’s move to the set of recommendations how to get what we need.

How To Find Someone’s Address For Free

When it comes to answering the question how to find someone’s email address for free, you should not think only about Gmail, Hotmail etc. accounts. You may also require personal addresses, blogger emails and any other types of mailboxes but do not forget about email address finder services. Knowing this fact you can apply much more techniques of address searching we are going to talk about. Moreover, you will be able to find addresses that are not promoted in the open sources, which can be even more effective, than the opened ones, which are usually used for quick registrations and storing of the junk mail. So, let’s start.

  1. Ask the person

Yes, we have started from the most obvious technique. However, this is the simplest and the clearest way to get the real email. You might know many people who have the same interests as you or may be interested in your activity. So if you have a chance to speak with someone in person, ask for contact info directly.

You can do it in real life (but be aware of the correct spelling while writing it down) or you can use the means of social networks and messengers. If there are some mutual friends, ask them as well whether they can help you with collecting contacts. But this method has one big flaw – if you do not know the target person, you cannot use this approach. In this case, we are moving forward to more solutions on how to find out someone’s email.

  1. Search it on Google

It is the second option considering its obviosity. If you have some info about the person, at least the name, you have all chances to get the active address using Google search means. Of course, the critical factor here is the uniqueness of the name. You can use the formula like “name + email (address)” or “name + contact information (contact me)”.

In case there are too many results and you do not know which one refers to the target individual, use the known personal modifiers. It can be the town or city the person lives in or the company name they work in. This will increase the chances. However, to get the more accurate information you need to use other ways of searching, combining them and match the results.

  1. Business Networking Search

If you know the place the person works, you can use the company email network (if any) as a potential source of personal email addresses. When you try to reach the definite person, you are likely to know their place of work. But in case you still have troubles, use the Zoom Info or LinkedIn and search for the contact info there. Also googling “name + LinkedIn”, “name + Zoom Info” can work.

  1. Search for email address on a company website

As soon as you get to know where they work, you can visit company’s website and start looking for contact info there in order to find someone’s email address free. Use the name of the person and cross your fingers to find the documents or comments with required email addresses. In this case, you also need to use specified modifiers in order to enlarge your chances to reach your target.

  1. Guess someone’s email address

Do not limit your search to one company’s site. Use Google search and use the formulas like “ + [name] + email” or “ + [name] + contact”.

Just like this:how to find someone's email address with Google

Also, keep in mind that most companies require from their workers to have uniform emails like “[email protected]”. This fact will help you to widen your list of addresses if you are lucky to find the one example. This technique is effective in 80% of cases.

  1. Check social media profiles

These platforms are the best in proving personal data. Before asking yourself “how can I find someone’s email address?” discover what info can be spotted in your SM profile. Marketers use people’s “socials” for personalization of their letters, offering the product person is likely to be interested in and so on. So why not to try it in email searching?

For instance, in Facebook profile, there is a special section where people mention their contact info including email addresses. The same thing is even on Instagram. In the “bio” section users can add their contact for promoters or simply for friends. And you can get benefit from this option. If you do not know the social network profile, Google will help you here as well. Type in “name + [social network]” and you may be lucky.

However, social media users sometimes forbid the appearance of their profiles in the search results. In this case, you need to go straight to the selected platform and do the search there. By the way, the same technique can work with your Skype contacts, as many of them add the email address in the account info, where you can easily grab it.

  1. Personal Website or Blog Search

Sometimes we can miss the information that the target person has his or her own website or blog. However, they can add this fact to their Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus profiles. And that is how you can get the completely new source of information about someone. Isn’t it the best way to find someone’s email? Usually, every site orthe blog has the section with contact info with the actual email address (sometimes even a few ones).

But if you faced difficulties with finding such kind of data, you can go to the loyal Google an search something like “ + [name] + email” or “ + [name] + contact”.

  1. Who is Search

However, you can fail to find email address via social networks, blogs, and websites. Luckily, you can apply the Whois service. This is the place where you can search for the domain registration data and find the actual mailbox. According to our experience, it works in 60% of cases.

  1. Use email lookup services

These sites can serve a great deal as well. The services like 123PeopleSearch, Intelius, and PeopleSmart are free. There you can search for someone and the info about people, who are hard to find. These sites use international search and provide the contact info without dependence on the location.

The downside here is that there is no guarantee the results will be up-to-date. It may be the result of low maintenance and going out of business. We are not going to discourage you to use the people search sites in order to find someone’s email address, but warn about the high possibility of the mistaken results.

  1. Use Hunter (Alternative Lead Finder)

This instrument can be helpful when you are looking for company addresses. All you need here is to provide domain name and the service will find the required list of contacts. For occasional searches, the free account will be enough as they offer 150 free searches. Also, you will get the list of sources the site used. This data can be used for a deeper search.

  1.  Use Twitter’s advanced search

If any of the previously described methods do not work, get back to the “direct” approach. Follow the person on Twitter, tag them in your posts, and ask for direct messaging where you can ask for an email. The same works in LinkedIn, when you request the conversation with a person.

Moreover, in this network, you can mutually help each other by leaving some recommendations that will be a sign for other users who search for partners, employees, or recruiters. Also, this can be called the best way to find someone’s email address (as well as the real-life conversation), because the person provides his or her address voluntarily. And you in your turn inform them about your purposes. If you are both agreed on this type of communication, the efficiency of your emailing will definitely be higher.

In case the email has turned out to be large, you can always use our email verifier to check the validation of addresses.


Most of these methods require time. However, you may create a good list of emails if you use them. Some people enjoy the process of searching person’s contact info as it feels like you are in the detective movie. But you can also hire someone to do the long-time search for you if you require a lot of addresses. In cases of a small number of addresses, you can do it on your own and be sure that every contact is taken from a dependable source. Do not neglect social and entertaining networks.

Even Tumblr can become a perfect source. The main point you need to remember is that the person you are trying to contact should be informed about your purposes. So do not be a weird stalker, but reveal all the truth and your efforts will be rewarded. Now, when you have learned how do you find out someone’s email address, you are closer to setting the right connections with the right people and grow your business online.

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