Why Do You Need to Follow Up?

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Why Do You Need to Follow Up?

Just like in life, in email marketing, the initial interest to your offer does not guarantee to close the deal. That is why sales follow up emails are called to assist you in turning subscribers and prospects into real customers. After the first letter with a proposition, you may require to follow up on the person to provide more info or encourage thinking about your offer. Moreover, there is always a chance to persuade the person to turn “no” into “yes”. Let’s take a closer look at the importance of this strategy and define how to use it properly.

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Why Do You Need to Follow Up?

When you contact the prospect for the first time, you inform him or her about the benefits of your offer and how it can enhance their own business or make life easier. By following up with them you show that you are willing to put effort into further developing your relationships. You cannot just sit and hope that the client will eventually write to you with a desire to make a purchase. You need to nurture their interest.

Moreover, follow up sales email is much better for such purposes now, comparing to calls. The main this is that people more often check their inbox rather than answer calls from unknown numbers. Also, you value their time by letting them read and reply to your message when they have free time.

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Following Up: How to Avoid Being Annoying?

This is quite important issue as we do not want to “repel” our potential customers. There is a thin line here and below you will learn some recommendations that will help you to be effective in following up without being annoying:

  • Provide a clear reason why you are writing. Check whether your subject line is relevant to the content and clearly answers the question of what is inside. Imagine how many emails your prospects receive daily! Good, follow up sales email examples give them an opportunity to understand quickly what you want and what they need to do in their turn.
  • Don’t trick receivers with high priority. This is a dirty trick. It does not matter what you are trying to sell – any way your message is not of the life and death matter. You may hope to attract the reader’s attention in this way, but instead, you risk to be considered arrogant and annoying. Such actions likely lead to the trash or spam box. It is better to work on an interesting and relevant subject line instead.
  • Value the reader’s time. Do not write to them immediately after the first touch. Give your prospects the time to think about your offer. By spacing your messages you will be able to avoid spamming impressions even after sending five or more follow-ups. Value their time and schedule by developing your own.

5 Tips for Planning and Writing Great Follow Up Emails for Sales

These points will help beginners in email marketing to get a good start while the experienced marketers will be able to revise and improve their work.

  1. Ask for permission. Before following up you need to make sure the receiver does not mind hearing from you. Moreover, asking for permission and whitelisting will protect you from acting against the CAN-SPAM act. According to that document, any commercial emailing should be conducted with mutual agreement. Also, you will improve your chances of opening your email and getting rea ply. This is a good start for trustful relationships as well.
  2. Define the right timing. You can either ask the receiver about the best time for getting follow up sales emails from you or use your own experience to define the proper schedule. In most cases, you just need to be considered and understand the life of most people. For instance, on Friday evening unlikely they will read your message. Also, in order the receiver does not forget you, try to follow up first within 2-3 days, but not earlier (if the opposite was not stated during your first conversation).
  3. Aim at building relationships. Before starting selling anything, you need to learn the pain points of your potential buyers and use that info in planning your communication. Eliminate cases the person doubts about your offer. Provide all the required information about your offer, prices, etc. Prepare for handling objections and prevent them by answering the most common questions before they are asked.
  4. Pay attention to details. It is better to cut down the number of follow-ups and write the initial email properly to exclude cases of misunderstanding etc. Before sending your sales to follow up email samples check not only the spelling mistakes but also the relevance. Make sure that you have added all the key issues to get the person interested. Sure, you will definitely need to send one or a few letters more before you close the deal. But the fewer steps to it you do, the more effective you use your and prospect’s time.
  5. Personalization. As soon as you have permission, define the right timing and key points to disclose, you have enough information to personalize your message. This means not only adding the name of the prospect but using the information about his or her interests, worries and plans (if you know it). In other cases, you can guess what concerns the person may have judged from the data you already have. Try to add some emotional aspects and tie the email to the person’s moral values.

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Templates of Successful Follow-up Emails

Here you have some typical examples of follow up emails. Adjust them to your situation and use it when required.

Follow Up Email Sales Sample After No Response

In this sample, we can ask the prospect if we did something wrong (at the same time we will remind that we are also human beings behind the screen). You likely did not do anything wrong, but by writing this you can encourage the person to reply, at least because they do not want to make you feel bad.

Subject line: Was anything wrong in our conversation?

Hello, [Prospect’s Name],

It’s been a while since our last conversation. So I decided to as whether I did something wrong?

Last time we discussed the opportunities for improving your business [provide a wider version of your last conversation and key points of it]. You highlighted [the type of service] and found it the most suitable option for your goals.

If I forgot to answer any of your questions or provide you with any other important info, please, let me know and I will fix everything quickly.


Here are the main benefits of this sales follow up email template:

  • you make the person wondering what you could do wrong, which means recalling and analyzing your previous conversations;
  • reminding the prospect about key points of your previous touch and showing the value of the offered service/product;
  • promise to fix anything you did wrong (even if you did everything right) will awaken the person’s emotional side which can help to encourage their answer.

Best Follow Up Email After Sales Call

This email can be sent on the day of call as it will be like summarizing your conversation and all the key points will be “on paper” now.

Subject line: Re: our call today

Hello, [Prospect’s Name],

Great conversation! I decided to write down some key points of it so you could easily revise our talk.


  • [detailed description of the key point of the conversation];
  • [detailed description of the key point of the conversation];
  • [detailed description of the key point of the conversation].


According to our talk and your reactions, these aspects were the most interesting to you. You and your team can get a custom walkthrough on how you can improve the performance of your business. Also, it encourages further brainstorming that can bring a lot of new ideas.

You can arrange this in one click here [link]


Here are some key points of this sample sales follow up email template for you:

  • in your email mention the reason you are writing in the first place;
  • during the phone call ask the person as much as possible about their work and plans to adjust your offer to their needs;
  • encourage to make the next step that eventually can lead to purchase or partnership.

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Best Follow Up Email for Sales and Handling Price Objection

Here you will see how you can continue your sales after price objection even without offering any discount.

Subject line: Re: [previous SL]

Hello, [Prospect’s Name],

Your concerns are completely understandable: you want the best for your company that is why you need reassurance you will get the most of the value. I share your approach as well. 🙂

I offer to try finding a way to make it possible.

What if we [offer any extra time-limited feature to their account or similar that is usually offered with higher price]?

This offer means you and your company will get more help in their activity and save much more time.

It will be up to you when and how to use the additional feature.

You will see how everything works in order to make sure that it will definitely suit the needs of your team.


So, in this good follow up sales email you show you understand the person and can see things from their perspective as well. This brings more trust. Moreover, by offering extra future you ass more value. We exclude the discount approach in order not to underestimate the initial service or product.

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Final Words on Follow-ups

If you still aimed at transforming your subscribers into customers, you need to consider the following up approach. As you now know, there are some rules or recommendations, but they are easy to implement in your practice. Despite the huge potential of sales follow up email technique, not so many companies use it today. So you can be the one who will take advantage of this method of closing sales and building relationships with customers, leveling up brand awareness at the same time.


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