Segmentation in Email Marketing: Best Strategies and Creative Ideas

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Have you ever faced the cases when you seemingly do everything right, but still you have low open and high unsubscribe rates? But do you apply email segmentation in your marketing campaign? The thing is that many marketers ignore this approach and keep sending the same letter to the different groups of subscribers. This leads to situations when some of them get irritated by irrelevant or unnecessary content and you likely can imagine what can be next.

“We are here to learn what email segmentation is, why it is important and how you can use it in your business. We hope that you will level up your expertise in an online marketing activity.

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What is email segmentation?

The first stage is understanding what this marketing term means. In general, segmentation means dividing a group something into smaller parts according to the particular criteria. In emailing we understand it as a division of the email list into groups according to the subscribers’ features. We can base this process on any factor. It can be geolocation, age, interests, on-site activity and so on.

This is also a part of personalization when you adjust your content to a definite group of receivers. So if you now have one big list of addresses, think of breaking it into smaller parts. This will help you to build communication with your audience more effectively, providing relevant materials. Understanding of email segmentation definition will help you with this task.

Why Segmenting of Email Lists Is Important?

We have started discussing this topic. This all about personalization and providing information according to the receiver’s interests and needs. Sure, you can have a quality and well-thought content, but it still will not be suitable to every subscriber simply because we all are different. Moreover, your subscribers will feel like a part of a crowd rather than a target receiver of the relevant information. People always expect some value and they are not interested in receiving a one-for-all newsletter from the delivery bot.

This can cause higher unsubscribe and complain rates. The person opted for your emails in order to receive something interesting. But instead, you send out completely “faceless” articles or the ones suitable only to the particular type of subscribers (while you have more various representatives of your target audience). As you can see, segmenting your list helps you to improve the quality of your campaign in the first place.

How to Get Data for Segmentation?

This is a reasonable question as before defining criteria for dividing your subscribers, you need to collect data about your audience and find out what you can use for creating different groups. Here are some ideas on how to collect info for segmentation email marketing:

  • Manual activity monitoring. This is the possible but time-consuming approach. Still, if you have time and not many subscribers, you can try it.
  • Marketing tools. There are plenty of tools that can automatically collect the data and provide you with the information required for segmenting your lists and personalizing the messages.
  • Survey segmenting. You can send a short survey to your subscribers and then divide them into groups in accordance with their answers.
  • Previous defining of the group for a new subscriber. Using the knowledge about your previous subscribers, create some groups using different criteria. Then adjust your sign up form to sorting new ones into those groups.

Segmentation emails Ideas: How to Make Your Email Lists More Effective?

If you have never worked with segmenting email lists, you might be confused on what criteria to use for such purposes. That is why we have collected some ideas from experts in the industry to help you with this task. The thing is that many marketers know a few basic

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