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We suspect that you are already familiar with the functionality and charms of the Hubspot CRM. If not ― we recommend to register in their free trial version and test its capabilities, at least for general understanding. In our opinion, it is one of the most powerful and effective tools for the marketing and sales departments, and, in particular, for email marketing.

Anyway, we have a piece of super good news for you (and for us, as we worked hard for a long time to get here). integrates with Hubspot CRM!

What’s in it for you?

So why would you, as a marketer (or a sales manager, or a business owner, ), connect your Hubspot CRM to I’ll tell you. 

Because though you can increase your conversion rate! Spend your working time only on real customers.

Let’s consider the following situation.


The company collects emails into an internal CRM, but never performs any outreach campaigns. Some contacts come from the subscription bars, some prospects are manually inserted into the database by employees.

Sometime later people, who got into that database, forget they ever did it. Some of them change the email account, some of them may have lost the password. Other emails have been written with typos and so on.


  1. If you start a newsletter as nothing happened, some of the messages will definitely fall into spam.


In order to avoid it, you need to clear the base and put it in order. And that’s exactly what we at Proofy do for a living, and we do it damn well. 

We help marketers to protect their servers’ reputation, to avoid trash emails and to guard their SMTP servers.

       2. Postal services are suspicious of senders who have a lot of invalid addresses in the database. The logic here is:             the low deliverability mailing means there is a chance the base is collected illegally. If the mail service has such             a suspicion, the sender’s reputation goes down and more letters fall into spam.


Do you need something like that? I doubt it.


Try Proofy email validator for Hubspot CRM and bring your email campaigns to the next level. Up to 98.5% deliverability is guaranteed. First 50 validations for free 😉


Couple of words about the email validation principles


Сontacts validation can be compared to a juicer: we put fruit in it (our email base), and at the output, we get a freshly squeezed juice (a clean list of contacts). In fact, we define all invalid addresses in the database:


  • addresses with errors;
  • abandoned email accounts;
  • role addresses (info@, hello@);
  • spam traps


By removing them, you will improve deliverability, raise mailing rates and will not overpay for extra addresses in the contact list.


How will the email validation help?


  1. Correct the errors in the emails. If there are errors in domains among contacts (,, we will fix them too. 
  2. Improve distribution. Deleting invalid contacts increases the open rate and transitions.
  3. Get rid of potentially dangerous addresses, such as spam traps. If such an address gets into the mailing list, the letter is more likely to go to spam.
  4. Raise the sender’s rating. The higher it is, the better the deliverability of mailings.

When is it better to use the contact verification


  1. You collected emails for six months or more but never sent a letter to them.
  2. You have not used a double subscription confirmation (double opt-in).
  3. Contacts were added by managers manually: they may have typos and errors.
  4. The mailing has low deliverability — most of the subscribers do not receive letters.


How does it work?


When the contacts fall into the validator, it accesses our internal database with invalid addresses. We collect these emails from Proofy statistics — all contacts that receive the final “not delivered” status come here. Now there are 23 million addresses and it is constantly updated.

Also, we check the database with Proofy statistics. If there are contacts in your database that have already been highlighted by us as invalid, the system will mark them.

How to connect it to Hubspot CRM? makes it easy to verify your email lists or integrate our API into your application

Let’s take a quick look at how to get started.

1. Create a Free Account

Getting started with is free. Your account comes with 50 free verifications.

2. Run your verifying

Just pick the right emails database from your Hubspot CRM admin panel and emails will be verified and sorted. An assurance report with results will be ready to download soon. It doesn’t get any easier!


If you get stuck, don’t hesitate to contact our support team.


How much does it cost?


Up-to-date pricing for November 26, 2019:


500 emails ― $3 – $0.006 / 1 check 

2500 emails ― $10 – $0.004 / 1 check 

7500 emails ― $22 – $0.0029 / 1 check 

15000 emails ― $37 – $0.0025 / 1 check 

200 000 emails ― $220 – $0.0007 / 1 check  

300 000 emails ― $300 – $0.0006 / 1 check  

400 000 emails ― $395 – $0.0006 / 1 check  

1 000 000 emails ― $950 – $0.0004 / 1 check


Progressive bonus condition:

20% extra credits for purchases of over 50k up to 100k;
40% extra credits for purchases of over 100k up to 1M;
60% extra credits for purchases of over 1M up to 2,5M.
80% extra credits for purchases of over 2,5M up to 10M;
100% extra credits for purchases of over +10M.

Still, have to account? Sign up! 🙂

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