How to mine gold with Proofy? use case

Anton Shabatov - December 3, 2019 - 0 comments

Do you know the cloud service? It’s not that popular as Hubspot CRM (which we already have in our integration capabilities), yet it has its own pros and cons. is a sales productivity platform with built-in calling, SMS, and email your team can communicate with prospects and customers all in one place. 

We’ve checked out their 14-days free trial and loved its completeness. If you haven’t done it already, we recommend to register and test what it can help with, just for you understand.

And I think you’ve already guessed what I’m talking about. Yes, another great news for you! (and, as usual, for us 🙂 integrates with!

“As is already clear from the title, commercial products are intended for mass checks of finished databases with addresses, not excluding the possibility of a single scan. They are most often used by those who need to send out letters with advertising of goods or services, stocks and other business operations. It can be both programs and services, and already the user selects an option suitable for himself.
Use free email verify for your email lists”

Dude, where’s my gold?

Yep, I did tell you about the gold. Pls, let me explain 🙂

I suspect that the concept of “sales funnel” is not that new for you. If, after all, it is ― we have a bunch of useful articles for digital marketers in our blog, where you can find useful materials on this topic.

Regardless of your competence in sales funnels, I will use a simple and clear example.

If you take it globally, the digital sales process is like gold mining:

  1. Pour the water with impurities of dirt, different metals and a small amount of gold (cold leads) in your prospector’s tray (sales funnel). 
  2. Execute some digging with this mass, spend your money and time on it (lead qualification, nurturing, negotiations and so on), and (if everything goes according to your plan) you get the desired gold (closed deals).

If you pour extremely dirty water (with too small amount of gold, or without it at all) into your bowl – all the manipulations that you spend time on with this water will only bring you pain and disappointment. You can pour more water, optimize the prospecting process, and motivate your employees as much as you want. Beating does not help if the horse is dead.

If there is no gold in the water ― you have no sales. Such businesses never live for a long (or even short) time, they just die. I don’t think you’re interested in such an outcome.

How the hell does it relate to my CRM?

“Bro, let’s get down to business, why are you telling me about precious metals and dead horses???” you say? I think you know what I’m getting at 🙂 

Allegory with gold was given to understand the process, and here is the essence.

So why would you try I’ll tell you. 

Because it’s a proven way to can increase your conversion rate! And to spend your efforts only on real customers (really auriferous water)!

Proofy email validator for is an extremely useful tool to immediately determine whether the water you pour in your bowl is just a dirty mass, or, after all, you can find gold there.

Here is a couple of examples of the sales funnel elements, where you can start working more efficiently and thereby grow your business:

  1. Lead generation
    How many applications that you get to turn out to be garbage?
    Email services think like this: the lower deliverability mailing, the more likely the database is collected illegally.
    If the mail service has such a suspicion, the sender’s reputation goes down and more letters fall into spam. So each your email marked as spam (or fallen into a spam trap) decreases your conversion rate.
    When a contact goes into our verification module, we check it in our invalid emails’ database. We collect these emails from Proofy statistics — all contacts that receive the final “not delivered” status come here (23 million emails on December 2, 2019)
  2. Lead nurturing and qualification
    I don’t think you’ll ever want your sales or marketing managers to knock into the non-existent doors. If there are errors in domains among contacts (,, we will fix them too. 

First contact
Should you use content marketing practices (useful content) on each specific email? If the email is personal – you can do that. In case it’s a role address like (info@, hello@), or just an abandoned email account ― each unread email decreases your sender’s reputation for the SMPT server.

So how to connect your to

Here’s a quick tutorial:

1. Get your free account

Sign up with your email and get 100 free verifications(ask support chat). Just because we love our customers! 🙂


2. Verify, verify, verify!

Just pick the right emails database from your admin panel and emails will be sorted and validated. A couple of minutes and the success report with results will be ready to download. It doesn’t get any easier!

If you get stuck, don’t hesitate to contact our support team ([email protected]).


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