TOP 10 Services with Free Responsive HTML Email Templates

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As far as the email marketing becomes more sophisticated, you need to use some available tools to save time on developing some typical letters and work more on other tasks like list building or strategy designing. You can get benefits from the ready-made HTML emails templates that are easy to customize. You can find them in some articles like this or go to services specializing in providing such assistance. This is a wise and common approach. While some campaign letters require more attention, other ones can be created from pre-made samples with some minor changes and modifications. Respectful services guarantee that their templates work, however, you need to remember that everything depends on your audience. In this article, you will learn what sources of samples you can use and also will get short reviews on 10 free services for this.

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Where to Find a simple HTML email template for free??

Since emailing requires not only composing the message but also optimizing it, checking and making sure it is in accordance with the existing spam laws, you need to use any help available. There are 4 basic sources of the examples that will help you to cope with coding, designing and copying issues:

  1. Email Software HTML Templates.
  2. Custom HTML Templates.
  3. Stock HTML Templates.
  4. Free HTML Templates.

Let’s take a closer look at every variant.

Email Software HTML Templates

One of the benefits of using such platforms is that those services usually supply their users with some collection of HTML email templates for a number of cases. As a rule, this feature is included in your account package and is completely free. Most of them are taken from real campaigns and have been approved by the previous users. And there are variants for various marketing situations.

However, you need to do the following:

  • adjust them to your audience;
  • personalize every letter;
  • test its performance to make sure you have selected the right option.

Also, you can modify the template by choosing your company colors, logo and other visual elements. Usually, such services use drag-and-drop tools to assist you in making updates without changing the code. These services also offer tools for creating your own template from scratch. In this case, you can use a variety of tools and options that do not require any special knowledge in coding or designing.

Custom HTML Email Templates

This is the most expensive option. However, it provides you with the unique tailored HTML email templates that feature the best element of your competitors’ examples. The design of them will be in accordance with your corporate style while the coding will include all the best practices that the project manager is aware of. As you will pay for such work, you have all the rights to take part in the process of creation and control every aspect of the template development.

Such templates can be adjusted to the performing of your emailing platform to make it easier to upload them and imply into the marketing process. Moreover, in most cases, this is the task of the coders as well.

Despite the fact that you need to invest money in this source of newsletter creation, you can be sure that it will be designed to suit your business specifications and goals of the campaign.

Buy Stock HTML Email Templates

One more option for finding good variants is to buy it from the special stocks. Here are some of them:

  • MailBakery Template Store;
  • ChocoTemplates;
  • TemplateMonster;
  • ThemeForest.

This is the medium variant between creating your own design and text and taking the free HTML email templates that are used more often. The paid samples usually are claimed to be of the better quality and less frequently applied by your competitors. You still have a risk to choose the same template as the company, similar to yours. That is why it is important to customize them as well if it is possible or you have time and resources for that. The beneficial feature here is that you pay for service and it provides you with customer support as well as special offers and recommendations to improve your results.

Free HTML Emails Templates

The last variant for the starters and those who want to save money is free HTML template services(In our opinion free responsive email templates html). And there are a lot of them. This is a great alternative in case of the restricted budget or the pretty standard campaigns. Moreover, you can find really good examples that can help you in reaching marketing and communicational goals. “Free” does not mean “of the low quality”. However, you need to be careful and more attentive in order not to be too lazy and use unchanged templates. In this case, you are risking to blend or being confused with other companies or even spammers.

Templates by Email Type

Email marketing is important for building relationships with potentialpotentialcurrent and even former customers because it gives you the ability to communicate directly with them in their inbox at a time that suits themIn addition to your email contentit should be functional and enjoyable for your user.
Email templates are provided as HTML files that can be downloaded (most of themand used with any email software(Always use simple email template HTML free).


Free Services with HTML Email Templates for Any Cases

As we already mentioned, there are many free sources of the HTML samples. Your task is to select the one you can trust and find the best template considering your current goals. We have decided to ease your life and provide short descriptions of 10 free services. In our article you will learn main features of the following services:

  1. Litmus.
  2. ZURB Ink.
  3. 99designs.
  4. MailGet.
  5. Antwort.
  6. Inkbrush.
  7. Themezy.
  8. Email on Acid.
  9. HubSpot Template Marketplace.
  10. BEE Free.


html email templates on Litmus

This is a free collection of email HTML templates for any purposes starting from the newsletters and ending with account management messages. All the samples are made in modern and sleek design combining it with fun and pleasant features. Litmus reassures its users that all the templates have been tested. Moreover, this service provides tools for testing samples in different mailing clients.

All you need is to create an account in Litmus and you will get access to its template base completely for free.


html email templates on Litmus on Zurb

Here you get access to the template base for free with the pleasant design and convenient layout. Sure thing, you can customize it with a decent selection of color solutions, images, and fonts. To show you how every letter looks like in different clients, ZURB Ink has prepared screenshots of the sample testing on their site. All the layouts work well on most mailing platforms (except Outlook).

There are separated CSS and HTML files for quick and simple modification. You need to keep in mind, in case you want to use your own images in given free HTML email templates, you need to add a new folder and compress it with CSS stylesheet after you upload it.


html email templates on 99designs

This platform was created to collect designers, marketers and sales managers. It helps them to broaden their knowledge with useful blog posts. Subscribers can get access to the template base with 45 variants of emails: promotional messages, newsletters, personal responses, etc. They are responsive and operate on the most mailing clients, both mobile and desktop ones.


This is a full marketing service that helps to conduct your marketing campaign and analyze its performance and results. Along with this, it provides a Drag-and-Drop builder with tools for creating responsive and pleasant letters. It is easy to work with and you truly can save time here. You can use the default elements or download your own images, fonts, buttons, and so on. MailGet will help to make all this work.


html email templates on Antwort

There are three types of templates are available here considering the layout:

  • single-column one;
  • two-column one;
  • three-column one.

This is a perfect solution for the mobile platforms as the letters automatically adjust to the device it is being read. When it comes to design, it is quite simple and minimalistic. However, it is good for customizing and working on content highlighting.

The templates here work for popular clients like Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook and so on, as well as for mobile apps like Mail (iOS) and Email (Android).


html email templates on Inkbrush

Inkbrush is a quick and easy online solution for building templates for free. Despite being free of charge, this service provides powerful tools that allow creating samples without extra efforts. You will be able to design a responsive HTML email template with a great editing system, color recommendations, and preview feature. With only a few steps you will get ready-to-apply letters:

  • upload the design;
  • define the layout;
  • customize the content;
  • test the results.

That is it; you are ready for launching your campaign.


html email templates on Themezy

This service offers 16 free template variants in HTML, CSS, and PSD formats. It is easy to customize each of them. The great news here is that you do not have to provide your email to get access to the variants and the modification tools. At the same time, you can find here different color schemes and variants of the layout in order to combine them and get the sample that will fit your marketing tasks. Also, you do not have to worry about subscribers, who will read your message via mobile platforms, as Themezy created templates, which are responsive across various devices.

Email on Acid

templates on Email Acid

If you are looking for the free HTML email template with a basic, simple design that will work properly on a mobile device, you can try Email on Acid. You can change the layout and mix each section of it. In most cases, it means adjusting to the receiver’s screen. You can choose from 1, 2 or 3-column layouts. However, if the receivers will read your message from the mobile device, it will be converted to the 1-column version.

HubSpot Template Marketplace

html email templates on Hubspot

Here you will find a limited collection of quality samples. For those, who want to get access to more alternatives, HubSpot offers paid options. But do not worry! Almost all those templates cost only $1 each. As soon as you purchase the samples you need and like, you can use it as often as you and modify it continuously. Moreover, if you are the HubSpot client, you can start using it right after the purchase without the need for HTML or CSS modifications.

BEE Free

html email templates on BeeFree

This is a free version of the MailUp service. Here you will find a free email builder in order to ease your process of newsletters and other emails creation. Drag-and-Drop feature allows you to adjust the existing templates to your taste and goals. That is how you can add your own elements to the provided samples to customize them. Also, the preview feature is included. So you can make sure that the email you have created will operate properly on various platforms and clients.


Since you want to reach your goals in email marketing, use these simple HTML email template providers to start your campaign quicker. With time you will be able to develop your own emails without the need of additional writing and designing help. However, even experienced marketers often use extra assistance to ease their working process. It is up to you what source of example use. But consider the fact that described services collected the experience of numerous experts in order to provide you with the likely working solution, so do not underestimate them.

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