118 Spam Words that Will Make Your Email Marketing Campaign Fail

Anton Shabatov - May 7, 2018 - 0 comments

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In order to improve user experience, email services provide special algorithms in order to protect people from receiving the unwelcomed mail – spam. Those technologies are becoming more sophisticated and you need to take into consideration many aspects of your commercial activity. The easiest step in this task is to avoid email marketing spam words that trigger the blockers of the junk mail. In this article, you will be able to learn the most common phrases and words to exclude from your subject lines and email bodies.

“By the way, understanding the situation regarding the fight against spam, we wrote an article about spam words and spam markers. But we also recommend using email validation services. As you know spam words, spam traps, getting letters in the memory only harms your domain, email address, email companies. One of the main points is to regularly verify email lists.”

8 Main Reasons for Getting Into Spam

Firstly, it is better to skim over the main reasons that can put you at the risk of becoming a spammer. You need to take seriously each of them in order to make sure your marketing activity is legal and accepted by the receivers.

  1. Usage of the IP that was involved in spam activity. Filters scan the reputation of the IP that is used for email delivery. A poor reputation can ruin all your efforts on creating your campaign as quick as spam email words.
  2. Emailing without permission. This is the first rule you need to remember if you do not want to violate the CAN-SPAM Act. Adding opting in a feature on your website or blog can serve a great deal.
  3. Low open rates. Email providers estimate the open rates of your letters and if it is low, they consider that your emails are not welcomed by the users and block them.
  4. The absence of the regular contract with the audience. When the subscribers forgot about you, even when they have opted in, there are more chances they will delete your message or mark it with spam flag.
  5. Inactive emails in delivery list. When you are trying to reach the great number of addresses that are likely to be abandoned, you will be caught by the filtering algorithms. Unfortunately, these situations are as often as spam words in email marketing.
  6. Misleading subject line. Firstly, this is a violation of the CAN-SPAM Act. Secondly, those emails get more complaints so it is not surprising that is the blockers will react.
  7. The absence of the physical address. Another element of marketing emails you should not remember in order to follow the laws.
  8. No link for unsubscription. With no opportunity to unsubscribe, your receivers may click on “spam” button in order to stop getting an email they are not interested in anymore. Prevent such situations.
  9. Email spam words and phrases. This is the obvious reason. Moreover, it is pretty easy to check and avoid. All you need it to learn the list and use automated checkers as well to make sure your emails will not be blocked.

What Are Spam Words and How the Spam Filters Work?

Those words are defined as spam trigger ones as they are most often used in junk emails that are aimed at fraud in most cases. Also, they are not welcomed by receivers as they did not opt-in. the list has been created for many years since the email marketing was invented. Even now it is growing by adding some new words and phrases that are relevant to the current people’s needs. Keep in mind, that some of them can be used, but carefully. In most cases, the context matters.

Filters scan the subject line, header and the body text in order to find those words and block the likely unwelcomed message. However, as we already said above, those algorithms include much more issues to check.

List of Words and Phrases to Avoid



Buy direct



No fees

Order status







Best price




Get Paid

Lowest price


Money back



Up to

US Dollars


Earn money

Earn per week

Expect to earn

Extra cash

Extra income

Double your



Make money

Million dollars




Click below

Click to remove

Don’t delete

Search engines


Marketing solution

Mass email


Cures baldness


Fast Viagra delivery

Human growth hormone


Life Insurance

Lose weight


No medical exams

Online pharmacy

Removes wrinkles

Reverses aging

Stay in shape

Stop Snoring




Weight loss


Numbers and Symbols



100% free


50% off

100% satisfied

Billion dollars

Join millions


One hundred percent guaranteed



Being a member


Give away

Mail in order form

Month trial offer


You are a winner!

You have been selected

“Free” Phrases

Free gift

Free grant money

Free installation

Free membership

Free offer

Free sample

Free trial


Click here


Give it away

See first

Sign up free today

Visit our website


Act now

Only today

Apply now

For only

Get it now


Last chance

Order now



Other Words

Addresses on CD



Brand new pager

Cable converter



Copy DVDs

Laser printer


Luxury car

New domain extensions



Stainless steel

Tips for Protecting Your Emailing Reputation

After checking your letters and excluding any spam words in an email, you can improve your campaign by following some extra tips:

  • Divide email list into small ones – this will help you to segment your audience and deliver messages that will be relevant to the specific group of receivers;
  • Use quality HTML codes – spam checkers spot the HTML-codes of a low quality as they are more typical to the junk mail, so be considering while working on this aspect of your campaign message;
  • Use the reliable ESPs – your reputation depends on the reputation of tools and services you apply during your work;
  • Apply the help of spam checkers – such services like Litmus, EmailReach, and IsNotSpam can serve a great deal and provide you with the extra reassurance that your letters do not contain any email spam trigger words and the domain you use is not risky;
  • Watch your subject line – make it relevant, exclude the spam words as well and keep it catching to maintain open rates;
  • Do not use caps, exclamation points and red fonts – these are the triggers as well;
  • Be careful with links – if it is necessary to add some, make sure they work properly and direct to the reliable source;
  • Do not attach files – this increases the risks being red-flagged.


Now you are more aware of the topic how to protect your reputation and stay the respectful email marketer. Yes, the usage of the words blocked by email spam blockers is the most obvious aspect you need exclude from your practice. But keep in mind other issues like quality content, relevant subject lines, decent open rates and the reputation of your IP and domain. Only the complex of approaches will help you to reach your goals without any unwelcomed difficulties and law violations.

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