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email blast services

While the term email blasting is being modified(we mean email blasting tools), still it is a common practice to send the same letter to a group of recipients. However, now it is more about collecting the addresses, building a list of target receivers and personalization of the delivered messages. And the wise decision is to apply one of the existing services for such purposes. There are numerous options for online marketers now that is why it is a real challenge to find the service that will fulfill all your needs. In this article, we will discuss the reasons you should think of using such tools and review some popular variants to help you with your choice.

Reasons You Should Consider Using Services for Email Blast

Creating an attractive email takes a lot of efforts and not every marketer, especially the new one in this field, can cope with all the tasks. Moreover, a quality marketing campaign requires a lot of analyzing and checking. That is when the blast services come to aid(Of course use only free email blast services which we present). Here are some reasons you should consider using them:

  1. Ready-made Templates. Pre-designed templates help a lot when you want to start your campaign quickly and deliver some typical newsletters. In most cases, you are offered with a large selection of variants that can be useful for your business goals. This approach makes it easier to design your campaign message.
  2. Customization. The best thing about using templates for email blast via such services is the opportunity to customize them. Using the templates does not imply sticking to the one offered color, font, and other features. The layout may be pretty standard, but you can do your best to make it look like originally designed.
  3. List Management. This is a great option considering creating relationships and a reputation among your target audience. Almost every action considering fulfilling subscribers’ wishes, like opting out, for instance, are managed automatically. The integrated features help to manage list activity without any special efforts from your side.
  4. Checking the Standards Following. There are special rules considering email marketing activities that are fixed in the CAN-SPAM Act. Using blast services you can make sure that your commercial activity does not break any of these regulations. Moreover, you will be informed of the latest updates on this matter.
  5. Good Address Reputation. When using reputable email services for your campaign, you can be sure that your messages will be delivered from a decent server. Even when sending blasts you have more chances to reach your target receiver without being caught by spam filters.
  6. Statistics. It is important to be aware of the results of your campaign. This is a crucial aspect of making it effective. You can find out which email blasts were read, what subject lines worked, and what conversion has been made.
  7. Affordability. Firstly, you can try almost every service for free in order to discover their convenience and suitability to the marketing goals you have been set. Also, you will be able to choose the pricing offer that is the best considering the size of your audience, frequency of email delivery and other aspects.

7 Perfect Email Blasting Services

As we already said, using email services can serve a great deal for your marketing campaign (Not expensive but not cheap email blast services ). However, there are too many services so you can get lost in this great selection. That is why we have collected 7 the most popular services and described their main features to help you to choose the one. You can switch the tool anytime, especially when you use it on trial.

Constant Contact

emai blast with Constant Contact

This service is remarkable thanks to its user-friendliness, which is important for beginners. Moreover, Constant Contact is one of the largest and growing services in the marketing field. It offers convenient list management options, contact arrangement, templates for emails and many other features.

Getting account you will be able to track results of your campaign and get reports. It is worth mentioning that there are built-in sharing tools for social media and 1 GB of space for storing your files. Users always have access to the support via chat or email, as well as to the informational resources. The free trial period is included.


Drip email blasting service

Bloggers, marketers and e-commerce companies can use this powerful email blaster. They offer a wide range of intelligent marketing tools. This service also is good for beginners with its easy interface. There is an option of integrating website builders in order to add sign up forms and get more leads for your website.

The outstanding features of Drip are in its smart marketing automation tools. You can segment your emails, list groups and customization tools for creating campaigns for various types of receivers.

Supporting feature is performed with live chat. There are also available webinars, automatic training, courses and guides for starters. With a list of fewer than 100 subscribers, you can use a free trial.


ConvertKit email blasting

This service is easy to use that is why it is often used by bloggers, authors, and marketers, both professionals and beginners. With ConvertKit it is easy to upgrade content and provide incentives with signup forms.

Segmentation of the contact list is included. You can divide people according to their purchase activity. Marketing automation in this email blasting service also makes your life easier. Moreover, you will be supported with a base of useful materials.


AWeber email blast service

AWeber offers a great diversity of tools for marketers in the small and medium-sized companies. It is easy to connect with a platform like WordPress. And there are guides how to do this as well. You will appreciate the base of the template for the quick campaign launch. There also list management and autoresponders tools. To get more insights on your campaign you can use special tracking features.

Customer support works via live chat, calls, and emails. To master your marketing skills you can get benefits of the webinars, library of the useful materials and various tutorials. To decide whether the service is suitable for you, get 30-day free trial.


email blasting with GetResponse

This platform is very popular in marketing field as it provides all the necessary tools for marketers, both professional and beginners. Automation tools allow launching smart campaign. You can create your own approach with a drag and drop builder, group your contact list and target your content. That is how you can level up the quality and the efficiency of your campaign.

In GetResponse you will be able to use nice responsive forms, landing pages, A/B test your performance and track receivers’ activity. There is integrated software like OptinMonster, Google Docs and so on. Support feature is performed with phone calls, emails, and live chat. Informational help is provided via webinars, guides, and various learning videos. Free period of this email blast service is available for 30 days.


MailChimp email blastservice

The understandable user interface, the set of all the required marketing tools and powerful support – this is why MailChimp stays one of the most powerful services for email marketing. Integration of WordPress, Shopify, Magento and other platforms help to higher the effectiveness of your work.

There you will find email creation tool, merge tags, contact segmenting feature, autoresponders, and tools for tracking and analysis. You can also set up the timing of your campaign in accordance with the schedule of your target audience.

In case you have questions or troubles, you can use live chat or email for contacting the supporting manager. The remarkable feature of the MailChimp is that there is a free trial for a lifetime with some restrictions on the number of emails and subscribers.


email marketing service ActiveCampaign

If you look for email blast services that offer the combination of marketing features, automation, sales and CRM, you can try ActiveCampaign. Here you will find nice templates and editor for them. Moreover, the service provides mobile-friendly sign up forms. Segment your contacts in accordance with their activity, reactions, location and social parameters. You can also get the extra information from the person’s address.

Third-party software like WordPress allows solving a range of issues in one place. Via this service, you can deliver SMS to your contacts. You can ask for the demo version of the service with the restricted features. Despite the relatively high pricing, users admit that automation tools there are worth paying.

Services Comparison

The above discussed this topic in detail, but there is still something to add.
 a newsletter email software is essential for marketing campaignsBut which service should you chooseTo save your timewe compared 7 servicesfocusing on functionality and pricing.
Email marketing is a customer communication component that aims to interact with the audience through emailsCommunication starts with regular newslettersspecial offers and tipsAlsoif you publish articles on a blognewsletters are the way to distribute them.

5 Tips for Successful Emailing

When you have chosen the service to start with, you need to make sure that you do everything right, as even those services cannot save you from some typical mistakes. So we are going to provide you with tips to enhance your chances of success.

  1. Stop calling it an email blast. You need to rethink the concept of the online marketing and what an email blast is. There is no reason to send the same message to the numerous receivers. Now it is all about targeting and special approach to every audience in order to get their attention and acquire a lead. The relevance of content matters the most.
  2. Use an email service provider. If you are aimed at creating quality campaigns, you need to be sure that your address has a decent reputation and will reach the target recipients instead of getting into spam. When using decent ESP, you have guarantees that it will take care of this issue. Also, you will be informed if anything is wrong with your campaign as well.
  3. Clean your email blasting list. It is important to send emails only to the people who opted in. You do not want to spoil your marketing reputation by trying to reach people, who do not want to hear from you. So get rid of doubtful emails in your list in order to protect your reputation. Good support of the mailbox before mailing is the validation of the email list. The ability to validate part of the email list for testing for free allows you to check the quality of the email database (Use free email checker for this goal).
  4. Personalize your list with segmentation. There are numerous criteria you can categorize your contact list like location, age, gender, email activity and so on. This approach will help to deliver relevant messages to different groups of people. You will be able to create personalized emails and make your campaign effective.
  5. Include a clear call to action. Focus on the main goal of your email. When you succeed in getting the receiver’s attention, you need to motivate him to do specific actions. Make it clear what you offer and what the recipient needs to do to get those benefits. Otherwise, without clear CTA your message will be useless.

Final Words

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities and recommendations for a successful email campaign. We hope our reviews and tips will be useful on your way to the commercial goals. The best thing that you can try free email blast offers of the most of the mentioned services in order to decide which one suits your strategies. You can solve a range of issues using such helpers and be great in what you do. Just consider your letters and campaigns being relevant to the receivers you have in your subscriber lists.

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