Proofy + Mailerlite — Specifications and Benefits

Anton Shabatov - January 7, 2020 - 0 comments

An email newsletter is one of the most effective online marketing tools if you know how to use it. It allows you to increase the number of orders on the website from 3-5% to 30-40%, turn potential customers into active buyers, form loyalty to your brand and sell on the same basis for many years.

But first – another great news for you and for us. Now we are integrated not only with MailChimp and but also with Mailerlite!

Yea yea, let’s take a look at the benefits of using Mailerlite and Proofy together.

  1. Low maintenance cost

We will not talk about our partners’ prices, it is up to them, but we can say one thing for sure – in Proofy we provide you the most competitive prices on the market. You can find more information on our Pricing page.

We’ve reviewed Mailerlite services before integrating with them and tried to make a product that would fully meet your needs and effectively solve problems at a minimal cost. You can use the Mailerlite service for free if your subscription base does not exceed 1000 people, also you can maintain your website on WordPress to cut the costs.

BTW, we are also integrated with a couple of Mailerlite alternatives 😉

  1. Ability to keep the customer base up to date

Email marketing tools allow you to safely “clean” the customer database from subscribers who have lost interest in your content. Use Proofy for online email verification! And also maintain the interest of active readers with the right email strategy.

  1. Effective interaction with the audience

Build a trusting relationship, create a warm loyal audience and maintain long-term communication with customers, without spending any additional resources, except for the involvement of a copywriter and setting up the automated email campaigns.

  1. Automation

You can set up an automatic newsletter for many months ahead, do it once and make a profit for several years.

For example, you sell jewelry made of stones. After receiving the client’s address, you can send him a chain of letters with stories about the stones, their properties, or famous jewelry that was made from such materials. Such a newsletter does not need to be updated, and each new subscriber will gradually get acquainted with different products, view photos, learn something interesting and, most likely, will remember about your store at the right time.

  1. Client database “resuscitation”

An email newsletter allows you to return the attention of users, even if they have ceased to be active, as well as to return to the purchases of those customers who have already bought once.

The base is “aging”, someone loses his password, and someone – interest. In order to make them really read your emails, you should create a special series of emails. In such emails, there is usually a button, clicking on which the person remains in the active segment of recipients, otherwise, he stops receiving your messages.

  1. Increasing the customer’s life cycle

This is one of the most important indicators that determine how long a customer stays with you and how many times he returns to buy your product or service. In different niches, this figure is very different: somewhere a year or two, and somewhere and decades. Thoughtful email marketing allows you to increase this period, because you keep the connection, and not break it after the purchase.

How to make your email newsletter even more effective?

  1. Involve. Encourage readers to interact with you: ask questions, ask for feedback, leave a comment or put likes in social networks.
  2. Increase value. Generously share useful content with your subscribers and increase your expertise in their eyes.
  3. Write regularly. Do not make big pauses in the mailing — do not leave subscribers without attention and do not let them forget about you.

I also recommend using the following rules, which will improve the open rate and quality of your emails.

  1. Personalization. Make the emails as targeted as possible, create the feeling that each message was written specifically for the user.
  2. Diversity. The type of letter and its content should correspond to the interests of readers and their goals: content should contain free useful materials, and commercial letters should close deals.
  3. Segmentation. Divide the customer base into groups to create the most relevant mailing lists and achieve maximum conversion.
  4. Checking for spam words. Avoid using the words from the blacklist: “money”, “credit”, “free”, etc. Be sure to make test newsletters before sending and make sure that the emails did not get into spam.

Use these tools and techniques and you will see how your emailing performance will improve.

In the meantime, the whole Proofy team is going to celebrate another victory. And dream about you use our tips and earn more every day!

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