How to find clients for digital marketing

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How To Get Clients For Digital Marketing

Best practices for finding new customers for email marketing

There are never many clients. This expression is true not only when you need to update or supplement your existing customer base for digital marketing needs. This question is most acute when you are at a low start before launching your idea, product, or service promotion. There is not a single marketer or entrepreneur in the world who would not be puzzled by the question of how to find clients. And in this tutorial, you’ll discover 5 effective ways to do it. In addition, we’ll explain why you should use one of the most popular customer base cleanup tools to make email marketing simple, enjoyable, and profitable. 

5 best sources to grow your customer base

First, let’s figure out what your prospect or lead is. This definition will give you the right sources for how to get new business clients. So, the simplest lead is information related to a person’s name and email address. Ideally, you need to go beyond that to make your email campaigns more personalized in the future. Therefore, you need to get information that would characterize this or that potential buyer as a person. With this information, you can easily set up effective targeting.

If we are talking about b2b targeting, you will need the following data:

  • geographical position;
  • business specifics;
  • company capacity;
  • interests and more.

If we’re talking about b2c-focused targeting, we have to dig deeper here. The information you are interested in should relate to the following aspects:

  • telephone number;
  • position or role;
  • profile in social networks;
  • pain points;
  • preferences, etc.

Drawing up a portrait of an ideal buyer based on these targeting criteria will further answer the burning question of how to get clients for digital marketing. We will give 5 practical tips on this topic.

  1. Open directories

There are a huge number of open directories that contain detailed information about various companies offering certain products/services. All you need to do is filter them by several targeting parameters that we talked about earlier. And voila! You have a list of pages. And for getting new clients, you need to extract information such as phone numbers and email addresses. To get targeted leads, you can of course resort to the old-school method and do all this chore manually. We recommend optimizing both your time and labor resources. Take advantage of a dedicated automatic lead generation service. 

  1. Social networks

Do not rack your brains over the question of how to find clients online if you have one of the richest sources for leads at your fingertips. Of course, this is a social network. Today, the social network is considered a convenient way to extract data about potential customers. At the same time, you get data only about those people and companies who will be interested in your product in the future. Usually, these leads are ready to go down your sales funnel. To do this, use the built-in search, which will find matches with the parameters of your ideal client and return the result. Moreover, you can filter out entire groups of people in the same way. 

  1. Websites

Another equally popular method of how to get digital marketing clients is to find a website for a company that suits your interests. For example, if you are involved in the industry sector, your potential client will be interested in an offer related to this topic accordingly. By automating the data extraction process, you can quickly and easily obtain the contact information of individual employees, managers, or middle managers. Among all strategies, this method is one of the best way to get clients, which provides the ability to apply different targeting approaches. You can enrich your base with niche websites, or you can visit resources directly related to your business interests. Those looking for clients will also be interested in leads retrieved from sites using similar technologies.

  1. Databases

Despite the fact that this method is something like a “dinosaur” among other strategies for finding clients, not a single large agency or enterprise has disdained it, using it everywhere. Databases allow you to find digital marketing clients whose leads already have a certain rating and targeting. Using certain filters, you can easily and very quickly build your customer base. But you will have to pay for such a pleasure and much more compared to other methods. As the experience of various companies that are always interested to find customers with search marketing shows, this method is more often used by large corporations. Small and medium-sized businesses prefer the first 3 methods. 

  1. Classical methods

Do not forget about the standard ways how do marketing agencies get clients. Take note of how to get the data you need:

  • when registering a client on the site;
  • when buying offline in a store;
  • when registering a discount card;
  • when providing personalized service;
  • when conducting actions with feedback;
  • when collecting contacts of friends and acquaintances of the client.

For our part, we want to offer you one of the most powerful tools for cleaning your customer base. 

Find new clients with Proofy!

No matter what stage of development your business is, finding clients should become an everyday matter. And in order to keep your database always up-to-date and clean, use our Free Email Verifier. This will guarantee the highest conversions possible while ensuring that your customers are truly interested in the product you are selling. Contact us! The Proofy team is always happy to help!

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