5 Email marketing tips you need to know – How to do email marketing

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Email Marketing Tips or the 5 Best Strategies

Email Marketing Tips or the 5 Best Strategies

To achieve results in any business, you need to develop constantly. It is not enough to learn the basics and use classic techniques all the time. Sooner or later, this strategy will exhaust itself. The same is true for email marketing. And no matter how old method of promotion it may seem, it requires constant improvement of traditional tools, the use of new approaches. If your marketing campaigns have stopped generating revenue, or you realize that their potential is not being fully realized, in our guide you will find smart email marketing tips that will make your newsletters much more effective. We will talk about how to do email marketing in terms of 5 unique strategies that will help increase the loyalty of the existing audience and attract new customers.

Tip # 1.Use the Double Opens Strategy

The double-open strategy involves sending a follow-up email to the recipient who ignored the first. But you need to do the next mailing after making adjustments. After all, if the client is initially the target, in theory, he should have opened the first letter. Therefore, the problem is not with the subscriber, but with the letter itself. Something, apparently, the user did not like, something did not hook him. On the other hand, as practice shows, even with a high-quality target base of subscribers, only 7 out of 10 open letters the first time. But for us marketers who are willing to move mountains to achieve the conversions we need, that shouldn’t be an excuse. Therefore, we focus on what we could improve.

The first thing to change is the line theme. It should attract attention from the very first second, encourage you to open and read the letter. In addition, effective email marketing also implies the development and optimization of the headline. An important aspect is the submission time, which you can play with to find the optimal interval when the chances of opening and reading your content reach the peak. Also, after the first failed mailing, we do not recommend sending the next one immediately. Give your subscribers some time, don’t be intrusive. Otherwise, you will achieve the opposite, and you will simply be hated, or even sent to spam. Wait for 3 to 5 days before submitting the modified newsletter. 

Tip # 2.Pay Preheader the Same Attention You Give to Your Subject Lines

Ask yourself: how do you do email marketing, do you pay the same attention to the headline as to the subject line?  If your answer is vague, immediately grab the preheader. The golden rule, in this case, is the efficient use of space, which for some reason even experienced marketers neglect. But parallel optimization of both the subject line and the preheader significantly increases audience engagement. All this should be integrated, and the preheader itself should become as important an element of the campaign as the theme.

Tip # 3. Make Your CTA Buttons Contextual

Imagine that a button in a newsletter is a door through which your prospect turns into a customer. And the more spectacular the appearance of this door, the more likely it is that people will want to open it. This is why effective email campaigns have contextual buttons that you want to click to make a transition. Without a call to action, even the most engaging and compelling message will not bring a single coin to your pocket. Discard common phrases like “Buy”. Get creative with this question. Your buttons should engage your audience and motivate them to click. We recommend creating a strong sense of urgency. Buttons should make you feel that the subscriber simply won’t have another such chance and this opportunity should not be missed. In addition, do not forget that both in style and in meaning the button should be in harmony with the subject, “filling” and banner of the letter.

Tip # 4.A/B Test Your Email Copy Frequently

Ask an experienced marketer: What is successful email marketing? And most likely he will answer that these are regular A / C tests. Continuous A / B audit reveals various patterns, understanding of which will tell you what needs to be corrected in email campaigns. In this case, you need to give up the idea that only you know how to do better, trust the results, and proven metrics. 

Split testing is recommended for the following elements:

  • the line “From”;
  • subject line;
  • preview;
  • digital copy;
  • call to action component.

It’s important that you don’t check everything at once. For accurate results, each element must be tested separately.

Tip # 5. Maintain Your Email Lists – use email list cleaning tools

Among email marketing tips for small businesses, this tip should be put first, as many people in the field mistakenly believe that the larger their subscriber list, the more likely the email campaign will be successful. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Imagine that you have 1,000 addresses in your customer base, but half of them are inappropriate, inactive, invalid, or fake. On the other hand, you have a database of 600 contacts, each of which is tested for deliverability, and their owners want to receive your content. What are the chances of the first list of achieving targeted conversions, despite the fact that it is larger than the second? Scanty. In addition, sending emails to addresses of questionable quality poses a much greater threat than a waste of money and time. This is a direct way to reduce your reputation as a trusted sender. Regular spam complaints, which are common when sent to invalid addresses, will draw unwanted attention from email services to you(email list cleaning). Just a few signals are enough to send you a ban instantly by blocking your corporate domain. Therefore, the main email marketing campaign tips relate to the regular cleaning of the client base of all junk. To do this, you should use special services that automate the verification process and give reliable results. For example, the cloud verification service Proofy exposes the list to 3 stages, where syntax verification, domain verification, search for dead and temporary addresses, and spam traps take place. MX record and SMTP connection are checked, and risk status is set for each email address. In addition, modern functions in the form of monitoring API can be integrated into your own corporate system or website for a deeper, more accurate, and faster check, better interaction of all tools used to promote your business.

Final thoughts on successful email marketing

Basic email marketing tips and tricks like double openings, proper attention to the preheader, contextual CTA buttons, regularly split testing campaigns will not do the trick if your customer base is poor.  If you do not pay enough attention to the hygiene of the subscriber email list, then whatever you do, the effort will be wasted. 

We have described not all effective practices and email marketing campaigns tips, as there are many other tools to boost the deliverability conversion and open email campaigns, such as:

  • intrigue in the subject line, which ends with an ellipsis and prompts you to find out the meaning of the message by opening it;
  • giving up the priority to increase sales and focusing on building trust and long-term relationships with subscribers;
  • conciseness of the topic, as the key to success in promoting campaigns that are viewed on mobile devices;
  • personalization of marketing campaigns, which makes emails more personal and gives a sense of importance to your client;
  • control of the frequency of impressions, where your mailings have their own limit, so as not to annoy the audience.

And finally, remember, brevity is the sister of talent, and you are always aware of the latest innovations in the world of email marketing. This is the only way your campaigns will always be in demand and bring in money.

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