Latest Email Marketing Trends in 2020

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If we look back in 2019, we can notice many innovations it brought us. Email marketing benefited as well. In the past year, the appearance of AMP technology for emails became a rather important event and is still developing by mail services. It took the email newsletters to a whole new level. And as the year comes to an end, it’s time to make plans for the next stage. Let’s look closer to the new email marketing trends in 2020. Are you ready?

Email marketing industry trends of 2020

Email trends are unstable, dynamic and change very quickly. But we have some predictions that we are ready to share. Are they going to make your business relevant in this present-day time? It’s up to you.

“In the world of marketing, changes are constantly happening, new tools and technologies are appearing. The demand for quality continues to grow, as consumers are faced with a huge amount of content every day. But one thing is certain email marketing continues to hold the lead in strengthening the relationship between sellers and buyers. And as mailing lists fill in recipient mailboxes more and more, approaches to it also change. Of course do not forget about verify email address before you start any email campaign.
So, I hope in this article you get useful information for you about email marketing.”

  • Visual trend and real content colors

    As it is known, the human brain perceives the image information faster than text. So, the visual aspect is always important. And next year it’s going to the next stage. A visual trend is a certain color scheme, a set of static or GIF images in one style (collage, minimalism, the 80s, glitch, 3D, illustration). We can consider actions to be a visual trend as well. It can be all types of email surveys. Among the trending colors of 2020 are vivid colors and gradients of similar shades, dark background, and futuristic styles. If we are talking about the use of photos, the filters are quietly leaving the stage this year. Another thing that you need to remember is all images and other graphics need to be clickable.

  • Engaging influencers

    You can become partners with popular bloggers and use them for your company to advertise and replenish the clean contact list. It is also worth paying attention to the top information resources in your business niche (portals, blogs, online magazines). Remember only that your audiences should be contiguous.

  • Typography without limits

    Use typography that will catch a reader’s eye, but in a good way. Just don’t forget people need to read and perceive the message you give them. Proper use of fonts, colors and words alignment can color the message in different emotions, but abnormal fonts, colors, size of letters can be considered as spam markers, and you don’t need this in your emails.

  • Mobile-friendly emails

    Users now tend to check their newsletter using smartphones. It means you need to explore the features of mobile screens before sending an email. More than 80% of users delete a message on a mobile phone immediately after opening, if it seems to be annoying. Optimizing emails is also essential as people often use their gadgets in a cafe, on the subway on the way to work, waiting for boarding – in situations where they have time to carefully read your newsletter if something really catches their attention. Therefore, all mailing elements, especially the visual ones had to be aesthetic, large and clear for the eyes.

  • Email campaign integration with other channels and CRM system

    Here we mean not only just linking the social networks and instant messengers to the letter templates. It’s more about getting all the tools to work systematically to convert observers into loyal clients. If you decide to integrate your email newsletter with new services, it can require some more effort and attract programmers, but it all depends on the needs and strategy of your company.

  • Hyper-Personalization in trigger mailings

    Users are becoming more demanding regarding the level of email personalization. There are several basic ways to make your messages more personal. First of all, use trigger mailings that are automatically sent after certain actions or events. Secondly,  if you use several landing pages simultaneously, it will be logical to provide various options for the welcome chain for each of them.

Email marketing technological trends of 2020

More interactivity in email newsletters using AMP technology

Last year, there was a noticeable hype around the introduction of AMP technology in emails. This year, more active penetration of this technology is expected, since the idea of interactive emails sounds tempting and can promise excellent results. AMP technology was originally created to speed up mobile web pages. The tool was later adapted for use in emails.

Using machine learning and artificial intelligence to increase conversions

The volume of email newsletters is growing globally. In order for mailing lists to bring results, you need to correctly send the desired message to the appropriate segment at the most appropriate time. The technologies developed by email mailing services help marketers do this.

Simplify work with email mailing services

The threshold for entering email marketing is reduced if we consider the technical component of the issue. If earlier it was necessary to be able to make up emails, collect data for analysis, etc., today email mailing services provide all the tools that an email specialist needs, and usually they already have everything for a quick start, including email templates, statistics and Analytics, functions to increase delivery, and everything for working with the subscriber base.

Expand your capabilities by combining email with other marketing channels

Contrary to all forecasts, email is more than alive. And it is email, along with the phone, that remains the main tools of business communication with customers. Mailing lists have not given way to new means of communication, but rather, on the contrary, email marketing strengthens its position due to synergy with other channels.

Future of email marketing

The most recent trend is the so-called predictive automation. Based on the customer data, we can predict some facts, like:
    – what goods does he need in the nearest future? 

  • what time will be more convenient for him to read the letter?
  • what information would be capturing for him?

Based on these facts, the mailings are formed, and the client has the impression that you are literally reading his mind. Check the Automizy service that is an Email Marketing Platform and uses AI to predict subject line performance based on data from over 1 million campaigns.


  •  Gamification
    If you work with interactive letters, earn bonus points for opening letters, give discounts for passing surveys and tests, reach out to your users in the newsletter, so they become more loyal to share their preferences. So, take this trend into consideration as it can massively help you personalize your email deliverability and share with the user exactly the message that he is ready to read at the moment. 


Remember that an effective email newsletter is relevant, valuable and involving. It does not press the user with unnecessary messages but makes his life interesting and joyful. If you decide to have an effective email campaign in 2020, be ahead of the time!

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