How to Find a Real Person Behind the Email Address

Anton Shabatov - November 1, 2019 - 0 comments

Know nothing about the person except the name? No problem, it’s enough! Read our guide and find people’s contacts easily.

Today, in times of widespread spam mailings, people do not give out their emails as willingly as in 1998.

This is especially true in the case of contacting well-known personalities whose personal data is hidden under lock and key from publicity. That’s why, if you need to interest a particular person or a group of people ― finding their real emails can be a profitable investment.

Yet you have to understand there is no sense in doing this for spamming. 99% of your emails will go to the trash folder (how far it can take your email server ― in this article). Therefore, please use this information only for good! 🙂


This method is the simplest of all possible.

  1. Getting information about a person on the website or a LinkedIn profile of his or her company.

The needed information can be found in the “Contacts” section. Even if the organization’s website does not specify the email of a particular employee, you can ask to transfer the information to the right person in a message to the corporate mail.

  1. Searching for a person by using an email template.

Almost every company has a template to create a work email for each employee. So, for example, if you know that Neo works in the “Matrix” company, and his colleagues have email addresses like and, you can assume that Neo’s email will look like Provided, there’s only one Neo in this organization (but we know he is :).

Searching in the Whois database

This method is suitable if the desired person is the owner of the website. If the information left by the user during registration is not private, you’ll be able to find the email address there.

Using email address generators

Email generators allow you to find emails for multiple domains at the same time. To do this, you should enter the name and surname of the person, and then domain names like “”. The service will give you all the possible email combinations available in its database.

Here you should notice that the service just gives you some combinations of names and surnames, not looks for real emails. So there are two ways:

  1. Check each email manually
  2. Use free email validation by Proofy ― a fast and powerful way to filter the “dead” emails from your mailing list.

Finding information on online platforms

A person’s profile in online platforms (like Pinterest, Quora or some specific forums) contains a lot of useful information. In particular, if you have only a first name, last name and the city where the guy lives, you can enter this information in the search box, find the necessary account and find the desired email address there. Or just write him directly in private messages 😉

It’s an awesome tool allowing you to find only verified prospects by domain or using LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter data. It finds contacts by first and last name and then enriches contacts in one place.

Up to 2000 contact lookup for free every month!


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