Best Bulk Email Service: Leaders of Mass Emailing in 2020

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In the industry where communicating with your customers has a primary importance, the main task of marketers is to find the right means of reaching your target audience. That is why mass email services have occupied such an important position in online sales. The creators of these tools are constantly improving their product so the marketing process becomes more and more effective and convenient.

You can reach as many people as you need and even personalize the campaign message. Your capabilities depend on the specifications of the service you use. That is why it is important to know what market can offer to you in order to choose the most suitable option for your business.

“An upscale email marketer will certainly validate the email database, despite the size of the database and its fullness. The average email marketer always validates an email database of any size.
a novice in marketing has always validated an email database of any size.
Validating email databases before mailing is a good practice in the email marketing profession.
Use profesionals email validation service

How to Choose the Best Mass Email Service?

We have summed up the experience and knowledge of our team, analyzed the materials of other experts and have created the list of the TOP mass emailing services (mean best mass email services by our opinion)that have proved they meet the requirements of the average email marketer in 2020.

1. Check Your Subscription Process

Don’t forget to check the quality and number of subscribers in your email services. And also those who have unsubscribed and are not active. An important point is a good analytics from the service you use. We have described many services below.

2. Segment Your Mailing List

List segmentation is a tool for highlighting your target audience from your overall customer list. Using segmentation, you can highlight parts of your list for targeted mailing. And even combinations of these criteria are possible.

3. Track User Behavior

Why is it so difficult to track user behavior? Modern people are fickle and elusive creatures. They refuse products because of minor problems, use them in completely unexpected ways, and apply different models throughout the day.

So analyzing user behavior is not an easy task.

But not impossible. By using the right methods and powerful analytical tools, you will better understand users, improve your site or app, and increase your conversion rate.

By far the easiest and best way to track user behavior on a site or in an app is to monitor how users interact with it. You will see your product the way your visitors see it, and you will be able to see every touch or click. Sessions can be recorded at any stage of the lifecycle — this approach is free of the distortions allowed by user tests, research, and surveys.

Navigation paths provide a detailed map of User Journeys on your site or app — without any extra information.

It is quite difficult to understand how users navigate through each menu and screen — only a high-quality visual tool will help you figure it out. Heatmaps and click maps achieve this by creating a color scheme for all user interactions with each screen of your app or page on your site.
Maps show how users interact with one area of the screen or ignore another.
Another useful feature of maps is a quick indication of usability issues.

Conversion funnels track user behavior, showing a clear diagram of the stage at which users drop out. This is an important tool because it reflects behavior in key areas: login, payment, etc.

4. Follow Email Authentication ProCess

Authentication[1] is the process of verifying the authenticity of something. The term is most often used in the information technology environment. An example of authentication is comparing the password entered by the user with the password stored in the server database.
Authentication methods are divided depending on the type of resource, the structure and subtleties of the network organization, the distance of the object, and the technology used in the recognition process.
Based on the degree of confidentiality, you can distinguish several levels of authentication:

access to information that is leaked without significant consequences for the user and the Internet resource-in this situation, it is enough to use a reusable password;

disclosure or loss of data will lead to significant damage — more strict authentication is required: one-time passwords, additional verification when trying to access other sections of the resource;

access to confidential data systems involves the use of mutual authentication and multi-factor verification methods.

10 Best Mass Emailing Services for 2020

HubSpot Marketing.

This is one of the leaders in online marketing that offers a variety of features for conduction business communication. It helps to automate marketing operations, ease the process of social media management and satisfy other needs in the online world. Here you will find assistance in full control over campaigns and other working operations. Apart from the main features, HubSpot offers landing page builder and SEO tools. Moreover, you can widen your experience by integrating other products from HubSpot and synchronize your data.

Vertical Response.

It is oriented on the small businesses and helps them to maintain contact with their customer base. It is enough for sending out well-designed newsletters, promoting materials and other emails. Ready-made templates can help in saving your time. Also, you can adjust them to different platforms it will be viewed from. Social sharing features will help you cover your audience in Facebook or Twitter as well. It has free options for clients who try to save money now. Moreover, users admit easy and pleasant layout of this email bulk service.

Constant Contact.

A wide audience of users cannot lie about the usefulness of Constant Contact. They claim it to be one of the most effective, easy and universal marketing tools. It can be used for generating leads and maintaining communication with your customer base. You can build your own templates or use the offered ones from the base with the opportunity to customize them. One more attractive perk of this service is the 60-day trial period, which is more than enough to get used to the interface and check out all the features.


When it comes to mailing services, MailChimp is one of the firsts that may pop up in your mind. Being one of the best-known tools, it also has a huge experience in the industry that allows providing effective and useful assistance in email marketing. The proof is the percentage of the satisfied customers of MailChimp. To work on the design of your letters or sign-up forms, you can drag&drop required elements to add them to your project. Among remarkable features of this almost the best mass email service, there are building tools, complete automation of the selling process and analytical instruments to make improvements.


Among the most recommended services, we can name GetResponse. It has proved that it can provide multiple types of assistance for marketers. Along with various online marketing functions like delivering emails, you can use GetResponse for setting webinars, create landing pages and organize lists of your customers according to their behavior. Scheduling emails is a great time-saving feature. Real-time tracking of readers’ activity helps to keep an eye on the effectiveness of your campaign.


With minimum efforts, you will be able to conduct your business activity online with the smart bulk email newsletter service’s features. You can create here customized messages using text or HTML editors. Here’s how you can maintain the interest of your readers and customers. Enhancing your productivity is possible thanks to the integration of other tools and systems for completing various tasks. Schedule emails, segment your audience, set preferences and auto-responders and many more in AWeber.


It is popular among European users mostly. The main advantage here is the dedicated IP for your emailing operations. Thanks to this you will be the only one who is responsible for the reputation of your IP. For creating emails you will have an easy and understandable editor. With A/B testing feature you will be able to analyze the effectiveness of call-to-action parts and estimate the campaign results in general. You can adjust the content of the emails according to the interests of different segments of your audience. Also, you are ensured in not getting into spam folders.

Campaign Monitor.

This is a powerful and user-friendly service that is good in helping to achieve marketing goals and get the required results. Fast launching of the campaign is possible due to the great base of templates that can be customized and optimized in the system. Organize your customer data here to segment your lists and deliver relevant content to each group. Analytics and social sharing features are added for improving your results.


This bulk email delivery service specializes in quick and efficient email deliverability. It has free signup and offers a free plan with 40,000 emails monthly, which is good for startups that look for cheap solutions. At the same time, you will have a decent level of support. Comparing to other similar tools, SendGrid seems like the one with the large set of marketing features. The analytical part is also performed great where you can get insights into email deliverability, demographics, platforms, and many more.


This messaging platform has so-called artificial intelligence that levels up the quality of personalization of your emails. Also, you will be able to conduct SMS communication, deliver push-notifications, and use SMTP. Users point out the tidiness and neatness of the interface and segmentation options. (We think it’s one of the best free mass email services for a start business)

Why Is It Important to Choose the Best Mass Mail Service Provider?

The main task of ESPs is to ensure that you will reach your target receiver and your message will be read. The purpose of your campaigns is to enhance the brand awareness, strengthen the credibility of the product and company and set the trustful relationships with customers. You can enrich your coverage by investigating the market and adjust your approaches. As long as all those tasks can be done via mass email marketing services, you must be sure that the selected tool is worth your trust. Using the information from our list you can make the informed choice and expect results according to the features of the service.

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