How to build customer loyalty with e-marketing

Anton Shabatov - March 10, 2020 - 0 comments

  1. What is customer loyalty
  2. How email marketing works(with email validation)
  3. How to earn customer loyalty using email marketing
  4. Conclusions

Customer loyalty is the key to the successful promotion of the company, attracting new customers and strengthening a positive brand image. This is an emotional connection with the audience that needs to be established and regularly fed. To win the favor of potential customers and grow your brand’s reputation, you need to play for a long time.

Lifetime value of customers (LTV) with whom the brand has managed to build an emotional connection. They often recommend the company to their loved ones and thus create a natural increase in new customers.

Today, 3.9 billion people are active email users, and this figure should grow to 4.3 billion by 2022. Every dollar spent on email marketing brings in $32 of profit.

1) What is customer loyalty

“Loyalty” (loyal) is translated from French as “loyalty”, “loyalty”. A loyal customer is a person or company that has a positive attitude to the product of a commodity producer, brand, brand, service, or service, which is not so easy to “turn over” to direct competitors.

Customer loyalty in digital marketing differs only in that customers in the network give preference for a shorter time and with better service conditions. Also, the main thing is not to forget the client and constantly remind yourself of yourself, providing useful information, life hacks on the use of the service.

From our experience: 

The client first contacted us on the service in order to get rid of the catch of mail in his personal list. I contacted chat support with this question. At this stage, we started making him a loyal customer.

 Simple step:

  • We told you how to work inside the admin panel;
  • Provided detailed instructions(although the service is simple);
  • Provided a promo code for a 35 discount%
  • Asked to leave a review on the quality of the service (take a survey);
  • Provided useful information

And the service sorted the client’s database and provided information not only for catchall emails but for all emails. The client subsequently sent an email newsletter only for delivered emails and was very satisfied with the delivery rate and opening of emails.  

2) How email marketing works(with email validation)

Email marketing – as a channel for attracting traffic, customers, and brand awareness is a great tool for any product or service. Email marketing can and should also be used to generate customer loyalty to a service or product. Since you use the email to notify the client about updates or temporary problems, Your client is pleased that you keep them up to date with all the news.  

Let’s look at an example from our experience: 

We send emails to all clients (including large corporate clients) regarding the balance of credits on the account and the client independently purchases the amount he needs and continues to check their lists.

We send newsletters to all clients and notify them about updating and increasing the speed of checking lists and increasing the number of API streams.

And after all, this step on the part of the service to the client also brings up the client’s loyalty to the service or service using email marketing.
One of the most important points in email marketing is email verification of the email list. Do not forget about this aspect.

3) How to earn customer loyalty using email marketing

This is a set of actions.

First, you need to understand which companies are interested in your product/service. You need to build a mindmap and a client portrait for your service or product. Collect emails and additional information about companies/clients and their social activity.

Prepare multiple email chains:

  1. 1) with useful content for the client, how to use your service product for maximum efficiency
  2. 2) with promo materials for different infopods (company’s birthday, new year, black Friday, etc.) 
  3. 3) with questionnaires to clarify the quality of the service / product, the quality of service from the support, and so on.

And with this approach, the customer’s loyalty to the product/service is formed using email marketing.


Pumping loyalty through email is a constant job. 81% of customers trust recommendations of family members and friends more than advertising.

The interest of active subscribers should be maintained, and those who for some reason stopped opening mailings should be reactivated.

Show special attention to your customers. Use smart personalization. Regularly expand your customer preference database to create relevant offers. Give personal discounts.

Use “human” content delivery. The simpler the language of communication, the better. Try to be as close to your target audience as possible.

Make unexpected surprises. To make a gift or hold a promotion, you only need an excuse. Use the infopod calendar or create a special date yourself. This approach will help increase sales and the rate of opening emails in the future.

Use holiday marketing. People today are not surprised by offers for holidays. They are waiting for them! Analyze audience needs, purchase history, and other data. See what your competitors are doing – and do better.



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