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Best Email Finder Tools to Check Out in 2020 | Proofy

Every morning of many specialists begins with the task to find the email of the target people.  This is an issue that employers are puzzled over striving to create a juggernaut team. Most often, their goal is passive candidates, who are the most desirable among all. Because they’re already on fleek, as they’re working, they are aware of their worth, because their experience is relevant, and right now, they’re solving important tasks and getting new skills. It is not an easy task to find their emails, in fact, nor are the emails of target customers sought by sales managers. If you work in sales, you know very well how it is difficult not only to find new customers but also to “raise” and persuade them to be your partners. The B2C market experts have the same problem when there is a need to scale out business, attract investors, etc. If you see yourself in one of these patterns, then our guide is a gift that keeps on giving, because here you will find the information on the best email finder – software that can make your life easier.

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Let’s just say that finding the target person’s address is only part of the success, and it is more crucial to use it correctly: knowing what and when to send. You can read about it in our other publications, which will help make cold emails effective. We will focus on the best email finding tools: free and paid platforms because both have their own advantages and disadvantages. But we will try to get the right balance and prompt what is the best email finder tool in 2020-2021.

A Curated List of Best Free Email Finder Tools

The good thing about free programs is there is no need to pay for using them. But, unfortunately, this is what causes the lamesauce, limited functionality, and low efficiency. But we have found those who prove otherwise and are willing to do their job well and with sheer enthusiasm. Here is our “best free email finder” TOP.

No. 1 Discoverly

This online software is created to ease the HR’s access to a potential nominee. Discoverly’s main “schtick” is the collection of all information available on Gmail, Twitter, as well as Facebook, and even Linkedin. By filling the panel in your mailbox on the sidebar, it will offer you to enter emails options. Then Discoverly points to the most reliable versions.

No. 2 Conspire

It is not only among the best email address finder but also the most unique flavorful software. The application analyses your contact list and finds those who will introduce you to the target person. As you know, the “useful acquaintance” approach is quite effective. But this is far from all the Conspire’s features. The program shall create a relations diagram by singling out people from your network having a good relationship with the person you’re looking for. The factors that are taken into account in constructing this graph concern the speed, frequency, and time that people communicate with each other.

No. 3 Email for corporations

The name itself speaks volumes. Email for corporations is a free database offering thousands of relevant email formats used by various companies or corporations. You can enter the name of the company, or the industry, and the geographical location. So you get a list of the intended e-mail addresses of the target person and even possible phone numbers.

No. 4

Skrapp is another best email finder tool that also offers free services in addition to paid tariffs. The platform is tooled for B2B e-mail addresses. This software can be used not only to update the base but also to communicate with new contacts. The rule of thumb of Skrapp is to provide customers with exceptionally reliable data so that their reputation remains perfect and business prospers. The service works with any origin: LinkedIn or the company’s site, etc. Moreover, the tool offers a Chrome extension as well as the API option. It can search massively, not just by the name of the company, but by the domain.

No. 5

A key rule of the Hunter platform is a belief in the transparency of the data and the desire to provide it to customers. The tool guarantees that any user activity shall be preserved. At the same time, the service makes it possible to collect the necessary addresses easily and quickly, using exclusively the domain. However, Hunter is also an innovative verifier that will carefully check every email address before you send a letter to its owner. There is an API function, as well as the ability to create and send marketing campaigns. Use is convenient, parsing is fast.

List of Best Paid Email Finding Tools

A paid basis tool where accuracy and speed of results are the highest made our top email finders. These options would be an approach for professionals interested in bulk mailings to promote and sell their products or services.

No. 1 Zoominfo

The most simple interface and search with just one link are far from all the advantages of the platform. Soft offers 3 solutions with a different strategy and individual tools for each business sector (marketing, enterprise, and sales). Zoominfo clients argue that the application makes deals much faster, makes business process control easier, and improves lead collection efficiency.

Zoominfo offers various tariff packages:

  • “Professional”, and
  • “Advanced”;
  • “Elite”.

Each of them differs not only in the monthly price but also in the range of the function. For example, the “Elite” tariff package provides additional functions. Once you understand exactly what you need, you can also decide on a tariff plan. Ask managers for the details.

No. 2 Octoparse

With Octoparse you will bypass various sites and parse with ease and maximum efficiency. You will also be surprised by the simple usability that even newcomers will relish. The “schtick” of the company is a secure search of emails by means of IPs and cloud services rotation. The results can be obtained in any convenient format. Octoparse is the best solution for those who do not understand programming, and the platform has proved to be an excellent partner for large and complex websites.

There are several price policy options:

  • “Standard” is $75 per month;
  • “Pro” is $209 per month;
  • “Corporate” is $4,899 per year.

The “Standard” and “Pro” plans provide for a free trial period.

No. 3 Rocket Reach

Rocket Reach is among the best tools to find email addresses offering a precise emails database, as well as the ability to contact professionals who are interesting, valuable for your business. No matter what you do — marketing, sales, recruitment — this platform provides accurate data. Fast synchronization and connection to other applications and CRM serve for operational comfort. By the way, Rocket Reach is equipped with Chrome extension, mass search, and API. Let’s mention recommendations of other actions that competitors usually miss in parsing. Detailed reports and summaries of recent trends are a several other reasons to test this software.

Pricing policy:

  • Essentials — $59 per month or $468 per year;
  • Pro $119 per month or $948 per year;
  • Ultimate $299 per month or $2,388 per year.

Round-the-clock support, CM and ATS, export to CSV, mass search, access to API — all of this will be available to you, regardless of the tariff you choose.

No. 4 offers customer tracking and sales automation. In addition, the platform is equipped with a powerful toolkit for verifying and tracking the data received.  As a result, you’ll get a quality customer base and the possibility of continuous improvement of your company’s service. is able to make cold mailings on its own without the need for constant data entry.


For novice users — $149 per year + $29 per month for each additional user;

for professionals — $299 dollars a year + $39 dollars per month for each additional user.

Many customers note the high cost of the platform, but also its high efficiency.

No. 5 Sales Navigator

Modern sales representatives choose Sales Navigator. It is a simple and efficient search for leads, as well as closing deals with maximum ROI. The application is very specific about potential customers who are likely to want to buy something from you. The software is ready to sell itself. There is a well-established system of warnings about the users’ actions, which allows staying relevant. Sales Navigator is perfect for any type of business: small, medium, or big business. You can find out the price of the services by contacting the sales department or in a special form. Data on prices is also available in a demo video on the website of the company.

Best Email Finder Chrome Extension

If you’re interested in the best email finder Chrome extension, we offer 2 options:

  • Aeroleads is software running with Firefox and Chrome extensions helping to find e-mail addresses, phones, company data. It uses the Linkedin business network, effectively bypasses complex websites, exports the data obtained in any convenient format, and easily synchronizes with CRM. It has great technical support. The price is $49 per month.
  • Email Extractor is the best email finder extension of Google that uses multiple sources to extract information, starting from local HTML documents and text files to Ajax pages and e-mails. The whole process is automated, which greatly speeds up and simplifies your email search. There is an email deduplication function. The service offers high-quality technical support even offline. The app is free.

Whatever you choose — free or paid software, an extension for your search system and its services, — don’t send emails unless you’ve gotten consent. Don’t become a spammer!

Choosing The Best Email Finder

It doesn’t really matter whether you are a professional in your business or a newcomer, we would like to offer the right balance of all instruments. Proofy is the best email finder service, which will help to create new connections, will give them development, will turn leads into loyal customers, strangers into reliable business partners. You can use a mass search with real and validated data, as well as an API feature that automates many routine processes to achieve better results.

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