How To Find Someone’s Email Address By Their Name For Free

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How To Find Someone's Email Address By Their Name For Free

There Are Many Places to Get Someone’s Email Using Only Their Name

It doesn’t matter for what reason you are searching for an email of a certain person – perhaps a lead, customer, partner, or investor – anyone can get into this situation. Having realized how many sales managers, marketers, businessmen, and startuppers are puzzling over how to find someone’s email address by their name, we decided to create this guide. We hope this article will assist you to find any person and to set contacts with a minimum of data. We will also tell you how to find someone’s email address by their name for free, so that you can do it simply, quickly, and cost-effectively.

“New contact, new prospect, new subscriber, new client –
How not to name the data, they always need to be validated before use”
Let’s validate


3 Dead-Simple Ways to Find Email Addresses, Hiding in Plain Sight

Ask yourself, what are you doing when you’re looking for any other data? Justly, you will use a search system, and it’s Google in most cases. Just enter the name of the target person in the search. Then just add the following phrase: “e-mail address” or “contacts”. Consequently, the required Rand mailing address could be identified very quickly in the meta-description. And, in this case, you don’t have to string yourself at all. If you are a lucky one, you’ll find the email in Google Knowledge Graph.

Besides Google, there are other places to find answers to the question of how to find an email address by name, such as the pages “Contacts” or “About Us” on the company’s website where the person you are looking for works. Such a recommendation may seem humdrum, but do not dismiss it hastily. Sometimes data about email may not be in a standard location and may have a low profile. Please note the footers, the author’s images, the sidebar, etc. You may also find a common corporate address on the page. Use it to send a request asking for the e-mail address of the person you need to contact

“Mailing lists are only effective if they are received by real people.
Validate your email base and send emails to real people.

Let’s check it

If the information has not been provided on the “About us” or “Contacts” page, you can use the following method:


Replace with the one you are interested in. Probably you’re in luck! However, if not, do not despair. We have many more ways for you to find someone email address for free by name.

You can explore the personal page of the author’s blog. It’s a good start. The remarkable thing is that some of the themes and sites of the WordPress platform display a lot of information related to the author’s name.

Bet on logic and make a guess at the target email address. A reasonable assumption could be made on the basis of experience, as well as an algorithm for companies to create their own employee accounts. Here’s how potential emails might look like:

  • (FirstName);
  • (FirstName).(LastName);
  • (FirstName)(LastName);
  • (FirstInitial).(LastName)

You can also use the public database for registering the WHOIS domain. If you the name of the domain searched and the intended, you have every chance to find its e-mail address.

If this method did not work and did not answer the question of how to find an email address by name, send a request for an acquaintance. In this case, a friend’s recommendation will help you, especially if he’s an affluent person. In any case, you have connected to the target contact by one, several, or an entire network of people. Here you can use one of the tools that demonstrate communication patterns between people. For example, Conspire is an excellent solution that offers invaluable information to help you identify the person you need.

The DuckDuckGo search system proved itself quite well how to find someone’s email address by their name. It has one important advantage over the beloved of all Google: you can type in “” and get real results, but it doesn’t work with Google. By spelling out the exact domain name in DuckDuckGo, you will find all the email addresses that are related to the domain. This only works if the accounts are public. If you know the name of the target person, you will find the necessary email very quickly.

Another simple but efficient way of doing this is by subscribing you to a target contact. Thus, you’ll see that a very large number of mailings will come from personal mail services. Moreover, you can immediately start building a relationship of trust with the person by asking about the subject of the mailing or asking for your views on something.

5 social networks to search for the target email address by name

Social networks show excellent efficiency by answering the question of how to find a person’s email address by name without spending a cent. We recommend using the five most popular communication platforms: Slack, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. The first two are business networks and are most commonly used for establishing business connections. So that your search may be successful. If not, there are three other social networks that are increasingly being used to create professional pages for promotion, goods, services, brand, name.

How to Find Someone’s Email Address From Slack

The social network is used to establish relations with potential clients, target audiences. Many marketers have successfully used the “downloaded” data for their email information campaigns. You should try it. To find the target account, click on the image in this person’s profile. You’ll find a working area. It will be on the right. Specifically, there you should look for the e-mail address.

As you can see, this method is not suitable for mass mailing; it is very targeted. Linkedin is much more appropriate for such purposes as collecting a vast base of contacts.

How to Find Someone’s Email Address From LinkedIn

Contacts export from the Linkedin business network is also a great solution to how to find an email address by name with a simple algorithm: go to the privacy settings section or click on the gears in the upper right corner. Then upload all your connections data. You’ll get a nice spreadsheet with a separate column and e-mail addresses for your connections. But we do not recommend the abuse of this method. If the list will contain random people and you try to connect them by mistake, you risk being banned from future connections. Account blocking is not excluded. Therefore, we recommend you to perform a search by keystrokes “+”, “linkedin” and “li”. This way you can remove the really useless accounts, which significantly reduces the chances of being out of favor with spam filters when sending email to addresses on the list.

How to Find Someone’s Email Address From Facebook

Profiles in the popular social network Facebook are an excellent answer to the question of how to find a person’s email address by using their name. By filling in a page at the registration stage or by configuring a business account for digital purposes, almost every user is willing to provide their personal data, including an email address. And it plays a game of mailing address hunters. Knowing the name of the target person, you can easily follow his page and find the necessary information.

How to Find Someone’s Email Address From Twitter

If you are figuring out how to find an email address by name free, try an elementary way: send a tweet. You need to create a very concise request whereas it can be lost in the vast array of references to your target (everything depends on the popularity of the person you are looking for). Herewith, you shall explain to the person why you tweeted and why it is important to give feedback. The credibility here is your best card.

Also use the advanced search, considering that users like to share their “email addy” in tweets. To hide it from the bots, users replace the symbols “.” and “@” with the words “dot” and “at” respectively. All you have to do is find all your target contact tweets containing alternative elements. Add the following query to increase efficiency: “email”, “contact” or “reach”. Thus, the results will be smaller, but they’ll be more accurate.

How to Find Someone’s Email Address From Instagram

In the case of Instagram it is as with other social networks, the use of any methods that violate the rights of users is prohibited. We recommend a light and legal scheme:

  • search the profile of the target person by name (if necessary, use additional filters indicating the city of residence, age, and other data for accuracy of the result);
  • write a direct message to the user, asking him for an e-mail address, explaining the reason for such a request (the text should be concise and as convincing as possible).

Perhaps because of being busy, the target person rarely visits his profile, he will not see your message soon. In that case, try to contact his followers and ask them for some contact information. If your letter is sincere, you will most likely be answered. Maybe no one will tell you the mailing address, but the real name of the owner of the page, the pseudonym under which the account was created at the email service could be told. When you get this data, you can use it as a link and use the methods described above to find email. Are you tired of going around in a circle? Our platform offers the answer to the question of how to find email address by name and is ready to take over all routine work.

Get Emails From Names Using Email Finder Tools

We worked hard on it, and we did it! We would like to bring your attention to our technology, which will not only help you to find the email address of the target person but will also check the contact details for validity and relevance. Proofy — search and check emails in one place.

Our service offers 3 options of email search:

  • by domain — upload a list of domains, and our system performs a mass search of electronic addresses;
  • the name of the company is the best solution for the creation of new partnerships and the search for investors;
  • by name — we will select potential options of email addresses and check them in our database.

Proofy E-mail Search Service functions:

  • verified data from any website obtaining;
  • using the Chrome extension for greater convenience;
  • the possibility of obtaining the necessary accounts on a mass scale;
  • API function with connection to our service;
  • automation, data exporting in CSV, and Google Tables.

What Is The Best Way To Find An Email Address By Name

If you’ve already made a potential e-mail addresses list, or if you have only one contact, but you are aware that it belongs to the target person, in any case, do not rush to send the letter. Take advantage of our electronic data verification service, which will help to verify the relevance of the data you have collected. Otherwise, you risk being trapped in spam filters. So, your reputation as a sender can be harmed, and postal service providers will notice it. What can they do? They could send you to a blacklist and block your e-mail, IP address, and domain. Would you like to? Then check your e-mail addresses. Especially since we offer loyal terms of cooperation: from 0.006 dollars for verifying 1 contact, and even better for new users — 500 free credits.

Final Thoughts On How To Find Someone’s Email Address By Their Name For Free

Now you know how to search for an email address by name. In any case, we do not recommend cold mailing to email addresses without user consent. Rule of thumb: don’t spam. Good luck!

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