Data Enrichment: What Is It And Why You Need The Tools

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Data Enrichment: What Is It And Why You Need The Services And Tools | Proofy

Data Enrichment: What Is It And Why You Need The Services And Tools | Proofy

Information rules the world. This expression carries a lot of weight in the field of electronic marketing. It is especially relevant in relation to your customer base. If you only have a list of mailing addresses (although not cold ones), but at the same time you do not know anything about your customers, you should not even try to make a mailing list. Do not rush to let your money go down the drain, do data enrichment. This event will help make campaigns more targeted.

Knowing what, when and to whom to send, you can get much more than pointing your finger at the sky and sending what your audience is not interested in. Perhaps the ones on the list are not at all those you need? Use data enrichment services today to promote and sell tomorrow. Discover the full potential of communication with subscribers by mail.

What Is Data Enrichment?

The question: what is data enrichment, can be answered like this: it is an improvement and deepening of the available information. For example, you only have a customer mailing address. With special tools, you can find out more about its owner: from name, age, place of living to interests, pain points, industry, income level, typical behavioral scenarios.

Why do you need to enrich data? To be guided not by guesswork when sending messages, but by reliable information, specific trigger markers. The more relevant information you have, the more likely it is that your leads will turn into potential customers. And, they already become buyers.

Besides, email enrichment is one of the hygiene measures. By updating the information, you reveal various interactive garbage in your database in the form of inactive or dead mailers, fake accounts, spam traps, disposable or temporary emails, addresses whose owners will certainly block you.

Data Enrichment Benefits

To finally convince you to use data enrichment tools, here are the benefits you will get:

  • new opportunities for marketing campaigns by expanding and clarifying information;
  • improving the assessment, specifying the position of leads in the sales funnel for the correct choice of further strategy;
  • improving personalization and targeting activities to provide customers with a personalized service;
  • improved technology for nurturing leads into potential customers and their accelerated conversion into regular customers;
  • the ability to create a unique commercial proposal based on extended information about the interests of customers;
  • sales growth and greatest return on investment reaching 4000-4300%.

Yet, there are many data enrichment companies, so we have prepared a list of the best ones to make your choice easier.

Data Enrichment Services And Tools

In the era of modern marketing solutions, it is foolish to waste an invaluable resource. It’s the time for completing the database with the necessary information. Entrust this business to smart machines:

  1. Proofy Email Validation API

    – our service is able to process large amounts of information in the shortest possible time. With it, you can verify 100,000 accounts in less than 45 minutes. At the same time, the simple and quick integration of the API function into your CRM or website will ensure that you receive relevant and reliable information in real time.

  2. BeenVerified

    – the platform offers 7 products in one, searching for the right people and their data by phone number, email, address, name, car and other parameters that you can provide.

  3. Snov

    – thanks to the integration, you can get a large amount of information about customers based on their email address. There is lead generation, data verification.

  4. Salesgenie

    – the platform features advanced functionality and simple usability. By uploading a list of accounts, you can create a detailed profile for each contact. The only drawback is the high price of tariff plans, from $119 per month.

  5. InsideView

    – is simplicity and speed. These are not all the advantages of this service. In addition to standard data enrichment tools, the agency offers an efficient subscription form for an even better result.

  6. Pipl

    – is popular with experienced marketers for its high efficiency and simplicity. Everything you need is to send a request to get a complete dossier on the lead, from name and phone number to information about the place of work, details from social networks, etc.

  7. Clearbit

    – is a great startup solution. If you are, add an email or corporate domain, and you will get a ton of other useful data that is relevant to the intro. There is simple integration with other platforms, but the prices are a bit high.

  8. Datanyze

    – If you want to get leads detailed by firmographic or technographic criteria, this platform is a great choice. However, this kind of information comes at a good price.

  9. RingLead

    – to receive data related to the professional activities of your contact, you will make the right decision by choosing this service, as well as technical data and easy integration.

  10. Remail

    – is the best deal on the cold campaign marketing market. It allows you to enrich your customer base in all respects, including the search for new “consumers” of your email correspondence.

But what if the budget is limited and any of the platforms is too expensive? To get started, compare tariff plans, look for special offers and promotions. For example, Proofy provides 500 free credits for data enrichment techniques to all new users, and further on at a discounted rate.

Avoid extra expenses

Let’s get it straight without investing a penny, you can hardly create something truly amazing. This is true for email marketing too. In any case, if you do not spend money, then you are spending other alternative resources: time, energy, potential. We recommend directing them to collect information about your leads. Here are data enrichment examples:

  • use personalization for the subscription form on your site;
  • motivate subscribers to share info in exchange for bonuses;
  • use free software to generate leads using a promo code.

Choosing The Data Enrichment Services And Tools

Remember, your creativity today will bring success to your campaign tomorrow. So get the missing information. After all, where there is a will there’s a way.

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