18+ Email Marketing Tools Must Have in 2018

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Are you working in the online marketing industry and want to keep moving to success in 2018 and forth? Then you have to keep up with new or proven
email marketing tools from our list below. We have collected the list of services that are aimed at easing your life and quicken some of your business processes. This article is a product of our own experience combined with the experience of our colleagues and competitors. So you can be sure this is not a random selection. Each of the tools can be used simultaneously with another, or you can combine just a few of them for doing the most time-consuming tasks.

Why Choosing the Right Email Marketing Tool is Important?

The answer may be obvious but still many marketers do not think it is important to thoroughly select their automation “helpers”. The common misleading thought is that if the tool is simple, you can pick the first one you see. But you can risk your time, money and success in general if you follow this approach. Google search results now can serve a great deal by offering us in most cases the solutions that were admitted by the majority of users. Still, there are no guarantees the particular service will meet your expectations and requirements.

Moreover, you need to realize that you entrust your business to the chosen service, program or site. That is why you need to do a little investigation and pick the right option. The best way to do so is to create a list of functions and features you need to automate and then study reviews and feedback from the users.

Marketing Services for Your Business: Best Options for Any Cases

As we already stated, this selection is the result of our own observations and investigations. And now we are ready to share with you 18 online email marketing tools that will help you to reach higher heights and get more from your work.

“Before using any email service, as well as before starting an email campaign, don’t forget to check your email list for the quality of emails. Bulk email validation help with large email lists and free email validation with small.”

          1. Constant Contact.
            This service is remarkable because along with world popularity and constant growth, it remains user-friendly so every beginner will have no trouble with using it. It helps with email list management, campaign creation and so on. Moreover, every user has access to the round-clock customer support and useful materials. The free trial lasts for 60 days and there are a few pricing plans for everyone.
          2. Drip.

            This smart platform can ease the life of marketers, bloggers, and other marketing doers. It is worth mentioning that it has integration add-ons that can be used with the popular web-builders. Drip features smart automation tools and plenty of useful features required in the industry.
          3. ConvertKit.

            This is an ultimate platform for marketing activity online. It helps to segment your database, upgrade the content and set auto-responses. With ConvertKit you will save time by allowing it doing the biggest parts of the campaign creating and managing. Pricing starts with $29/month, but also you have a guarantee of 30-day refund in case of any stipulated problem.
          4. AWeber.

            It is among the leaders when it comes to
            email marketing tools. It provides its users with email templates, automated responders, contacts management features and many more. You can estimate all the advantages with a 30-day trial period. Then choose one of 5 available pricing plans.
          5. GetResponse.

            Create smart and effective marketing campaigns with automated features from GetResponse. Design your campaigns, manage contact lists, target your emails and many more. Users admit that this service is great at saving time and boosting your results. Moreover, here you will find useful testing and analytical tools. Pricing is affordable for most marketers.
          6. MailChimp.

            This service is one of the most widely used providers. Moreover, it can be easily integrated with other tools like WordPress, Shopify and so on. You can compose letters here, set autoresponders, segmentation functions and more. You can use MailChimp for free if you send up to 12,000 letters to no more than 2000 receivers. In search of the
            best email marketing tools, millions of customers cannot lie.
          7. ActiveCampaign.

            Here the developers have combined a set of marketing tools, automation features, and CRM. Use templates for quick creating campaign messages. If needed, you can integrate it with WordPress. Here you can even deliver SMS to your audience. Demo version is provided with some minor limitations but it is enough to test basic functions.

          8. MailJet.
            Deliver here both marketing and transactional messages. Now the service has more 35 000 customers, but the user base is constantly growing. This site helps to create messages, deliver emails and optimize your campaign in general. Segmentation, automation, and API are included. Check it out with a free trial.
          9. Reach mail.

            If you are in search of completely
            free email marketing tools, this service is for you. Pleasant design and wide set of features – the great combination for satisfying work. This is considered as an alternative to Google.Docs, with 70 free templates for creating and sharing various documents.
          10. SendinBlue.

            Among the pros, we can highlight the free trial and friendly interface as well as affordability with free plans. You can deliver marketing messages, transactional notifications and other emails that can be delivered automatically.
          11. LeadPages.

            Made nice Facebook ads and enhance your campaigns. Users can check the traffic and quicken all the processes with the drag&drop feature. Test the available functions with a free trial period. However, the pricing policy here is pretty affordable.
          12. Benchmark mail.

            Along with nice design, you can track the performance of your campaign in real time. Users can manage their contact lists here and automate the processed for quicker reaching customer processes.
          13. SendGrid.

            This cloud-based service has obtained more than 58,000 users and offers both paid and free (30-day trial) options. A convenient set of functions with real-time
            email marketing analytics tools. Users will find all-day support and plenty of teaching materials from experts.
          14. eSputnik.

            Many years of work in the IT industry prove the trustworthiness of this company. The founders of it decided to bring their knowledge and experience in online marketing to life and created this service. It is one of the cheapest options for marketers. You can get benefits from segmentations and multi-channel opportunities. Manage and analyze all your channels in one place.
          15. SendPulse.

            Users admit that even with the free plan you can seriously enhance the productivity of your campaign. This tool is easy to install and to use. This is also among the cheapest options with the opportunity to upgrade your plan. SendPulse is a solution for mass email and SMS delivery, as well as for push notifying merging all these functions in one campaign. Autoresponders, testing, and analytics are included.
          16. MailerLite.

            Choose MailerLite if you look for
            email marketing tools for small business. It is completely free without any limitations. One account can be used up to 1,000 users so it is perfect for small companies. The bigger ones can use paid plans to cover their large needs. This tool offers automation, contact list segmentation and cleaning, editing and many more options.
          17. Infusionsoft.

            Its software is aimed at leading companies who are in search of the tool with convenient automation and interface. Infusionsoft is the campaign builder with visual automation. Despite a bit complicated sign-up process, this variant is great for big teams. You can check the quality of the service by checking feedback from its FB community.
          18. Remail.

            This is an automation service for email outreach for any-size companies. You can create your own templates for typical campaigns or even use the available ready-made samples to launch your campaign quickly. At the same time, Remail helps you to personalize every message as possible. The 14-day free trial is enough to check all the features. Pricing Plans are standardized and divided into monthly and annual subscriptions.
          19. Emailanalytics
            Screenshot 7
            EmailAnalytics is an email analytics tool that allows you to track your email use (or your team’s) and visualize the Gmail metrics that matter.
            It’s like Google Analytics for email.
            It also allows you to add your team members or employees and track and compare their email analytics.
            $15/month per mailbox after a 14-day free trial period. There’s no credit card required to start your free trial; just click here to start your free trial and you’ll be able to view your email analytics within seconds.

        Never Underestimate the Power of Email Marketing Tools

        If you use any of the offered email marketing automation tools, regretting will not be your case. Your task here will be to choose which ones you need the most and what features you will require in your work. The other things will be covered by your new “friends”. We also want to highlight, that Proofy is the service that is worth being in the TOP 18 as well. We decided that if you are already reading our blog you are likely familiar with the main features and advantages we offer. Still, we constantly welcome new users and if you are still not among them, we are looking forward to our collaboration.


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