How to Clean Email List? 7 Affordable Cleaning Services

Anton Shabatov - July 10, 2018 - 0 comments

If you work in the online marketing field, you must understand that serious attention is paid to the email list cleaning. This procedure has a direct effect on your deliverability rates as eventually the quality of your campaign in general. That is how you can to decrease the bounce rates and as a result to save your time and resources. This article will tell you the more about the importance of the tidy database and what actions will help you to maintain its good condition. The main task here is to tell you about free and affordable services and the options marketers can use as a solution.

The Importance of Clean Email List

Do not underestimate the significance of this factor. It affects the deliverability rate, but what lies beyond it? Your sender’s reputation. Having a clean email list will provide you will the higher effectiveness of the campaign as well as protect from being marked as spam due to the doubtful reputation. While there is a statement the Content is the King, when it comes to emailing, reputation is what you need to take care of the most. Sure thing, it depends on the quality if the content too. But it is crucial to reassure that all the efforts you have spent on the content creation will not be wasted. So elimination of the inactive addresses is the task of the main priority.

How to clean your email list: Recommendations for Everyone

Now we are moving to the part where we will learn some tips for the clean database and good reputation as a result.

1. Eliminate the number of mistakes. Errors and misspellings in the existing addresses can cause bounces and lower deliverability. We cannot escape from such cases but we need to work on its excluding. When you have a large database it is hard to make it manually. So use the help of email marketing services and their hygiene tools. Delete all the addresses with mistakes and other unwelcomed elements.

2. Keep an eye on bounce rates. There may be some cases when your letters bounce after the first touch. However, in the majority of cases, the second, as well as the third try, can be successful. The cases you need to be aware of are the ones when high bounces are the constant process. As we stated before, this can have a serious negative impact on your reputation.

3. Keep an eye on feedback loops. This is another signal you need to clean your database. It is caused by the complaints. You can exclude them by making sure you are emailing to the “right” people. So get rid of the non-opted-in emails (if any) and pay attention to the unsubscribe notifications to stop reaching the people who have opted out.

4. Delete the inactive subscribers with available email list cleaner. It may sound terrifying for the marketers who have thoroughly collected their database. But be sure that with time some subscribers become inactive and it is a natural thing. The efficiency of the campaign is defined by the goodness of receivers rather than their number. It is possible to deliver the notifications to such people and ask them whether they want to stay in touch. If you receive no answer you can delete them from your database without any regrets.

Email List Cleaning Tools (Proofy Experts’ Rating)

In online marketing it is wise to apply automation services to raise the speed of your activity and higher the coverage of your campaign. Verification can be done with their help as well. Such services offer options on various terms. We prepared the rating of the good free email list cleaners and the options for the reasonable price. This rating is created according to our own investigations and experience.

1. ZeroBounce.

The main principle of it is to eliminate the bounces, abuses, spam detection and typical factors to secure emailing. It can detect the validity of the particular address and inform whether it is good or bad. Moreover, users can sort off the unknown accounts, which are impossible to define at all. In most situations, they are bad so you can delete them without regrets. ZeroBounce can also mark role-based, one-time and toxic addresses and domains. Validate 100 emails for free after the registration. Then you can select the suitable pricing option.

2. KickBox.

We consider it as one of the respectful email list cleaning services with a decent selection of features. It supports drag and drop option for quick uploading of your database and its check. One of the remarkable features is the recipient authentication. You can define the owner of the address and his legitimacy. KickBox can be integrated into the most common ESPs. Speaking of prices, you can start a trial with 100 free verifications and then go on from the 500 verification for $5.

3. NeverBounce.

This is a multifunctional cleaner that can identify any unwelcomed address from lists of any sizes. Users need to upload their database, let the system clean it and receive the renewed database without any “bad” emails. Also, there is an option for verification of one singular address. Test its free email list cleaning and then choose the pricing option starting at $0.008 per email.

4. BriteVerify.

Service works in via API and lets you verify the bulk of emails. It checks syntax, MX, DEA, the role of the addresses and their existence in general. The pricing principle here is the more you verify the less you spend. For the list up to 250k pay £.0075 per address, but for the lists with more than 1 million, the price will be £.0035 per address.

5. EmailHippo.

This is a cloud tool available without any software being installed. You can get a rig from the incorrect addresses and get the clean list of receivers for your campaign. EmailHippo checks DNS records, syntax mistakes, DEAs, spam traps and other risk factors. The pricing starts with $9.00 per month 1,000 verified addresses.

6. EmailChecker.

It is among the long-lasting services in the marketing field. Here you can clean your database in real time. The service checks the quality of domain, features of the mailbox as well as syntax and formatting correctness. With a free trial get your free clean email list and then choose the suitable option from $15 per 1000 verification.

7. QuickEmailVerify.

Eliminate the number of incorrect or invalid emails from your lists within minutes. With API integration you can verify your database in real time and manage the creation of your lists. Also, you can easily clean up an email list with “drag&drop” option. The remarkable feature here is that you can utilize this service for free but with 100 verification limit per day.


Services for Email List Cleaning are Your Loyal Friends

The top goal of the article was to persuade readers it is fine (even welcomed) to apply services for enhancing the effectiveness of your work. The services for email list cleaning are among them. Study this rating to pick the best free or cheap option for you. Also, we offer you to apply the help of Proofy with our validation tools. Get free 50 checks after the registration so you can try on the service and its handiness and then select the suitable paid option. In any case, this process will definitely become your best friend in your work. You will watch the tidiness and freshness of your database and how protected your sender’s reputation is.

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