How Many Emails Are Sent Per Day? Interesting Email Statistics & Facts | Proofy

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How Many Emails Are Sent Per Day? Interesting Email Statistics & Facts | Proofy

Email Statistics

When we say that email has become a leading digital marketing channel, we are relying on specific facts and figures. Moreover, there’s a number of questions, the answers to which confirm the greatness of the mail tool in comparison with other means of communication. And, after reading our article to the end, you’ll be 100% convinced of this. Go ahead!

How Many Emails Are Sent Per Day

Successful computer and telecommunications research company Radicati Group answered the question: how many emails are sent per day? In its 2020 report, the organization released the following data: “The total number of business and consumer emails for today is around 306 billion every day and is about to grow to 361 billion by the end of 2024.”

As email statistics shows, the amount of correspondence is increasing each year. We can only add that the growth of these indicators will be more rapid. After all, in 2019, 267 billion emails were sent every day, which is 39 billion fewer than in 2020. Taking this tendency into account, we may assume that by 2024 more than 460 billion e-mail messages will be sent each day.

How Many People Use Email

If you are interested in how many people use email, the answer is: the number of email users in 2020 has reached over 4 billion. This is more than half of the world’s population and 58% of the total. Considering all email facts, it is predicted that in just 4 years the quantity of users will grow by at least another 400 million.

Another attractive fact concerns email usage statistics. The amount of email accounts worldwide is expected to increase a bit faster than the number of email users. This is especially true for consumer email accounts, where many people have multiple email accounts for different purposes, such as one email address for shopping and another for friends and family.

Top Reason Why Us Internet Users Unsubscribe From Emails

Another email fact concerns the reluctance of users to remain subscribers of both advertising and newsletters. Many people refuse to receive correspondence for one simple reason. In their opinion, they already receive a lot of emails and do not want to overload their mailboxes. In this situation, every novice marketer may fall into despair. However, an experienced professional knows that 50% of consumers want to receive emails of their favorite brands every week. All you need is to become someone’s favorite brand.

Percentage of emails that are opened on mobile devices

One of the leaders in email marketing, Litmus, has done its own research on how many emails are opened on mobile devices. Here are some interesting facts about email: about 43% of openings are on smartphones. However, other authoritative sources claim that this figure is even higher and is more than 50%. In any case, it becomes obvious that smartphones are the devices that are most often used to check email. The conclusion suggests itself: when preparing email campaigns, focus on mobile devices.

Interesting Email Facts

1. Usage Statistics Show Most People Check Their Emails on Mobile Devices

Leading cybersecurity experts provide email marketing facts about spam. Malicious software is becoming more and more complex. Therefore, all businesses are encouraged to invest in sophisticated anti-malware protection.

The most common type of malware is a mixed cyberattack, which is carried out through the use of e-mail or is somehow associated with it. So the email itself may not contain malware, but a link that leads to a web resource with a virus is necessarily present in such a message.

2. Email Statistics Indicate the Medium is Growing in Popularity

However, it is not only the threat of a cyberattack that causes the ill-fated email to end up in spam. Mail providers may find some mailings simply useless and irrelevant. Here are some email newsletter statistics regarding spam:

  • 2012 – 69% of emails were sent as spam;
  • 2018 – 55% of emails received spam status;
  • 2019 – 54.68% of email traffic turned out to be spam.

As you can see, slowly but surely the percentage of spam is decreasing, which is good news. Using e-mail is becoming more pleasant and safer every year.

3. Most Email is Spam

Some interesting facts about emails relate to interactive correspondence recipients. It turns out that office workers receive the most emails. So more than 120 letters come to each mailbox during the day.

4. Email is the Preferred Communication Tool for Professionals

Another fascinating email use statistics demonstrates that email, as the most important communication channel, is preferred by professional users in their field. This is the opinion of about 60% of the surveyed specialists in a particular industry.

5. An Interesting Fact About Email Open Rates

To optimize email open rates, you need to understand clearly how many mailings you need to do per week or per month. Many content marketers will be surprised now, but the best Open Rate (over 25%) is for an email sent once a month.

6. Office Workers Receive a Lot of Emails

More than 50 years have passed since the launch of the first e-mail system. Within this time, this channel has taken the main throne among such important digital marketing tools as: SEO, content marketing, SMM, PPC. And interesting facts about email confirm this.

Final Thoughts

According to experts and researchers in the field of email marketing, mail will flourish as it has become a hub that collects information about a person’s digital life. And hardly anyone wants to give up such a data source. Besides, email has become multi-tasking and there’s no alternative yet.

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