How to get email addresses

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How to get email addresses • 10 easy ways to collect emails | Proofy

How to get email addresses • 10 easy ways to collect emails | Proofy

5 effective ways to get your newsletter emails

Whatever the specifics of your business, you cannot do without a high-quality customer base. But even professional marketers sometimes don’t know how to get email addresses quickly and cost-effectively. And what we can say if you are a beginner in this business! Don’t worry, our guidelines will help you prepare a solid email list for targeted advertising campaigns. 

But before you collect emails correctly, we’ll take a look at what shouldn’t be done in no way. Many aspiring entrepreneurs and marketers may find it tempting to buy an off-the-shelf database. But such a thought is erroneous, as it contradicts the main principle of email marketing: the distribution of any content should occur exclusively with the consent of the recipients. 

The purchased base carries a huge risk to the reputation of your business:

  • mailing to purchased addresses is illegal and classified as spam;
  • you will have cold contacts at your disposal, the owners of which are not interested in your product;
  • it is impossible to actually send campaigns to purchased addresses since the mailing service will immediately block such an attempt;
  • there is a real threat to get into the blacklist of senders with a bad reputation, and getting out of it is extremely difficult;
  • you will lose not only money but also the precious time that you could have invested in finding truly targeted contacts.

When asked how to get email addresses for email marketing for free, we advise you to immediately abandon the idea of buying a ready-made database. Moreover, there are many ways to collect email addresses legally, efficiently, and at no extra cost, and sometimes even free. If you plan everything correctly, you will get a high-quality subscriber base, ready to cooperate with you, buy your product or services, and promote your brand. It is very important that the offer to join the ranks of subscribers for a potential client is voluntary. It is also necessary that the subscribers give their consent to the processing of their personal data. At the same time, they must be sure: all information transferred to you will remain confidential and will not be used by third parties or for fraudulent purposes.

For collecting email, first of all, we recommend using double opt-in. This is the golden rule of digital marketing and the best measure by which you can start your journey to success. What else is needed to gather cherished contacts – read on.

Use custom email opt-in popups

According to Randy Stocklin, co-founder and CEO of One Click and several well-known optics brands, pop-ups are highly effective in promoting specials. For what is the best way to collect email addresses, this is one of the most reliable methods. Lightbox pop-ups have proven to be a worthy alternative to signup forms that are standardly laid out at the bottom or side of the site. As practice shows, if you add tempting offers or profitable discounts, then it will be simply impossible to pass by the pop-up window. In addition, you can use the knowledge of channel segmentation, offer certain windows, depending on how the user found your resource, based on his behavioral and targeted factors. 

Offer an incentive in exchange for the email address

There is nothing more pleasant than receiving gifts for no special reason, especially since everyone loves them. Take advantage of this principle when collecting emails. You can implement it on the basis of barter: you give me an email address, and I give you a bonus. What can you offer as an incentive? For example, a free webinar. So you will kill two birds with one stone. You will prove the expertise of your company (and such firms are trusted more). And you will receive the coveted email of a person who is interested in your offer, and already, unnoticed for himself, began to rotate in your sales funnel. The free video should be educational in nature, the content should be as informative, interesting, and useful as possible. After the user has been invited to the webinar, and he left his mailer, you need to send him an email confirming the subscription, as well as the correct link to watch the video.

When thinking about how to get emails, you can take advantage of another incentive to encourage users to submit their data. It is still effective to offer a discount or promotional code in exchange for an email. As for the promo code, this is a gold mine. The thing is that such an offer not only allows you to expand your client base but also motivates you to go to the site to order a service or buy a product.

Offer a content upgrade

Nicole Heimer, owner of online marketing firm Curio Electro, as well as other marketers around the world, is daily faced with the challenge of how to collect email addresses. In this regard, she has a trump card up her sleeve. All you have to do is create a useful and engaging blog post first. The content should be something like a tips list. Such things are always of interest to the general public. But for this to work, at the beginning and at the end of the text, there should be a message with a proposal to download this list of recommendations or see the full list immediately after subscribing. By clicking on the link to switch to a convenient downloadable content format, the client sees a pop-up window with a proposal to enter the email data. And that’s all, there you have it! By the way, in the same post you can give information that after subscribing, the user will receive the latest news on the topic of interest, invitations to webinars, etc. This way of emails collection is a great solution for increasing audience engagement.

Сollect email addresses of your social media followers

Social media is second to none when it comes to how to collect email addresses for email marketing, as you can use multiple approaches to gather information. The first one concerns the use of special email collection tools that use targeting when filtering information. Such services select the pages of users or companies that would be interested in your offer. After that, the necessary information is collected: starting from the name, email address, and phone number, ending with geo-positional data, interests, and so-called client pains. 

On the other hand, you can use social networks as a platform for selling the idea of subscribing to your web resource. To do this, you need to create catchy posts where you explain in detail the benefits of registration. At the same time, such content should be published regularly in order to warm up interest in you until the client is finally mature. In this case, posts with a call for subscription, fixed in the profile header, demonstrate high efficiency.

Use email collection tools

When solving the puzzle called how to collect email addresses on the website, don’t forget about special tools that can make the task much easier. Such a collector works based on customized parameters. This means that you can set specific criteria for finding and filtering targeted contacts. A feature of such programs is the ability to carry out an automated search by key requests. This simplifies the process and the result becomes more efficient. The point is that the information you potentially need may not be on one website but on several. Thanks to a specific request, the program will study everything that fits the specified parameters. Moreover, when you collect email addresses on the website with the help of special tools opens up a lot of possibilities. You can find almost any information you are interested in and export it in a convenient form.

Final thoughts on collecting email addresses

Of course, these are far from all the methods of obtaining electronic data. But first, try the ones we recommend. Better yet, try them all at once, observing the effectiveness of each. This combination is the best way to collect email addresses. But don’t forget that your customer base must always be clean. To maintain the hygiene of your list, we recommend using our emails checker. This is the only way you will get a cool base of targeted, relevant, and real contacts that can make your business profitable and your brand recognizable. Good luck!

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