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All about personalized email marketing

One of the main trends in electronic marketing of the past and current years is email personalization. Why is there such a stir? The fact is that this tool has an average of 18 times higher ROI than the non-personalized one. According to experts, the profitability of email personalized will continue to grow. Moreover, such a concept as “hyper-personalization” has appeared, which implies the collection and use of data without the knowledge of users, but not contrary to the law.

We will talk about both phenomena, show how to use these tools effectively, what are the nuances, and also give some email personalization examples so that each of your campaigns becomes more targeted and effective.

What is Email Personalization?

The topic of personalized email marketing is quite complex, but if you delve deeper into it, a sea of unlimited opportunities opens up for you in terms of building trust with customers, improving priority and indirect rates, increasing customer engagement and business profitability in general.

Personalization operates on the data that the user has shared:

  • name;
  • gender;
  • age;
  • country;
  • interests.

As for hyper-personalization, this is an advanced version of personalization that uses data such as:

  • history of purchases online or offline,
  • Internet activity and activities;
  • visiting shops / cafes in real life.

All the information received can and should be used to personalize both individual elements and the entire email.

Why is targeted marketing becoming more and more popular? The point is that generating leads and converting them into real buyers requires more than 2-3 clicks from you. It needs modern technology. This is what personalized marketing has become.

Today you won’t be able to attract someone’s attention with the same type of faceless messages. Only impact, not pressure! Your user should feel exclusive, important, and valuable. This is the only way you can increase the loyalty of both real and potential customers.

The simple secret to redirect yourself and your email strategy

Have you ever received letters that were so engaging that all the attention was fixed on it during the day? For example, your old friend responded, or in the “Inbox” its appearance overshadowed all correspondence with the original “Valentine” from your beloved. Whatever it is, you feel: you are remembered and appreciated. Everything inside fills with warmth, and the person who sent you a unique letter becomes even more important.

Now let’s imagine that you are able to evoke the same emotions in your target audience. If you don’t know how to personalize emails, focus on the intersection of 3 essential elements, such as:

  • the right audience;
  • relevant content;
  • the right moment.

As a result, you will receive excellent results in the form of growth in your customer base and your own income. Let’s take a closer look at each component.

Email personalization tools

Let’s start with the right target audience. Imagine that you are indoors on stage in front of an audience of several hundred people. The question: how to build your speech to attract the attention of everyone present? Those in the field will say, “Imagine that your audience is one person who you need to have a conversation with. Make eye contact with the audience. Everyone present should have the impression that you are addressing him personally. ” A similar approach should be taken to email marketing when you want to create a personalized newsletter. Since you may have hundreds of thousands of accounts on your contact list, don’t try to embrace the immense. You need to segment the base, and only after that build relationships with each group separately.

Next is the relevant information. Your content should provide value to your audience. This is the only way to increase the chances of conversions. For your newsletters to be looked forward to, the knowledge and experience you pass on must address the specific challenges and concerns of the public. If you send personalized emails with relevant content, respect for you and trust in your products will grow and grow stronger.

However, creating this kind of content will take not only time but also enthusiasm. Trust me, it’s worth it! So what information will be especially useful? Write down:

  • actionable cases and cool success stories;
  • research in areas that interest users;
  • e-books and guides on exciting topics;
  • your blog content on your corporate website;
  • publications on social networks and messengers;
  • videos, webinars, etc.

Do not send mailings with the subject “Attention! Stock”. This won’t interest anyone, since the unsubscribe index from such campaigns is one of the highest. Such emails cause “allergies” and annoy subscribers.

Well, here we come to the third component of email marketing personalized: the right moment. You need to realize that almost 50% of leads are not ready to make purchases this very minute or even tomorrow or in a month. The point is, all potential buyers are located at different points in your sales funnel. Therefore, the main goal is to “grow” real buyers and bring them to their final destination: purchases, transactions. It often happens that users, seemingly from the same segment, respond at different times: one – today, the other – six months later. It is important that by the time they fully “ripen”, the desire to make a purchase, your offer is the first to be heard. To do this, you must always stay in touch with your audience. Do not put pressure on it, persistently “grind” your authority in their eyes and just wait.

The combination of the three components described above, like the process of nurturing a client, is called email nurturing. Surely, in your practice you have come across the concept of “lead nurturing”. So email nurturing is its tactical element.

According to MarketingSherpa, only one fifth of your leads are ready to purchase a product or order a service right now, but the rest may not do it unless you start using personalization tools.

Also note that lead nurturing benefits from a different perspective. Forrester Research has conducted a study that shows companies using lead nurturing technology receive half of their customers at less than market price.

What exactly should you personalize?

Now let’s take a look at exactly which elements can be personalized:

  • Subject. Statistically, unlike non-personalized messages, emails with a personalized subject have at least 25% higher Open Rates. We all understand that personalization is more than referring to customers by name. However, if you are creating a theme, this is what you need! To do this, use the potential of your ESP provider.
  • Body. Personalized content can generate 15% more revenue. In this case, you can choose a specific block for personalization, and also use your imagination, make a vivid and unique text frame for your proposal. Depending on what you personalize in the body, the following types of emails are distinguished: personalized welcome emails (ask for a username in the registration form), personalized promo emails with a click-rate of 27% more than regular messages (consider preferences, gender, geography, etc. other features), personalized trigger emails (abandoned cart, order confirmation, reminder of an upcoming event, etc.).
  • CTA buttons. Be sure to personalize your CTA buttons, their click-through rate is almost 30% higher. If the focus of your personalized campaign is on a button, make sure your email provider is okay with such initiatives.
  • Images and Videos. CTR for personalized images is 28% higher than usual. To do this, you can create such an image in a special program that will provide you with a code for embedding into your email. A similar thing can be used everywhere: for congratulating subscribers, and in order to refresh your mailings. Conversion of a personalized video is 5 times higher than of a non-personalized one. In addition, the video in the email itself can make your relationship with your followers better. According to statistics, videos generate sales 65% more often than emails without a video.

Ready to move from theory to practice? Then let’s take a look at personalized mailings based on the example of well-known companies.


Best examples of personalized campaigns

And JetBlue opens the rating of email personalization best practices. Its email breaks all records, because the informational occasion is “far-fetched”. The trigger is the anniversary from the moment the user first created his account on the brand’s web resource.

Personalization Email - Best Techniques | Proofy 2

Another cool example of a personalized campaign pleases Spotify, looking at which you ask yourself: what could be better than a personal “Thank you” from your favorite vocalist? Only gratitude from Charles Kelly of Lady Antebellum!

Personalization Email - Best Techniques | Proofy3

The following newsletter is a prime example of Amazon’s hyper-personalized campaign. Here, the day before, a registered user made a request in the search for the site: “a plastic mask in the shape of a pumpkin.” This is the message he received a couple of days later. Of course, Amazon hasn’t forgotten about addressing by name. We advise you to do the same!

Personalization Email - Best Techniques | Proofy 4

The next email from Dropbox is a great example of a personalized trigger message. Thanks to the valuable guidelines to use the product more rationally, such a letter attracts. Behavioral content technology combined with effective retention tactics works to the maximum. Everything is banal and simple: you need to give good advice. But Dropbox has gone further. If the user becomes a client of the company, sooner or later there will be insufficient storage space for him, so he is likely to get interested in a paid plan, discovering the possibilities of the application.

Personalization Email - Best Techniques | Proofy 5

Let’s sum up

Hyper-personalized and personalized email marketing technologies, when implemented correctly, generate high conversions, attract new users and retain regular customers. With the help of personalization tools, you can achieve the main goal that all experienced marketers pursue. You can strengthen relationships with subscribers, increase their trust in you and loyalty to the product. This is how brand awareness will grow.

We hope that after integrating our personalization guidelines, your audience will feel special and valued by being closer to you. And we have no doubt that the ROI of your personalized campaigns will reach 4300%. Use effective templates to create quality newsletters. And if you still have any questions, please contact Proofy.io by the specified phone numbers, by mail or via social networks. Good luck!

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