What is a valid email address?

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What is a valid email address?

The marketer’s task is not only to collect contacts for future mailing, but also to have a clean subscriber base. Over time, accounts become inactive, and dead addresses or contacts assigned to people who do not exist can appear on the list. All this harms the marketing campaign, as well as the business in general. But how to determine what is a valid email address so as not to get into the mess? The answer is regular checking of email using special tools.

What is a valid email

To get a database where each subscriber has a valid email address format, you need to make sure that the account does not have syntax errors. Also it is important to understand whether it is real. Only this way the account gets the “delivered” status. Otherwise, the invalid address is a hard rebound. It negatively affects your reputation as a sender over and over again. So what is a valid email? This is the email address where the username is the real mailbox in the domain. There are several effective validation methods to help you find out.

How to know if an email address is valid?

Premium services, such as Proofy, can free you from the routine work of account validation. Modern tools are used to check not only the domain, but also the folders where each message gets. This way you can quickly and effortlessly make sure that the account is real and has a valid email format.

However, not all active accounts, as well as those that have a high percentage of deliverability, are high-quality. Several characters stand out among them, and they can nullify your reputation, and even turn into legal problems. Believe me, this is not a rant and expression. Here is this trio:

  1. temporary accounts used by scammers;
  2. accounts with a high degree of risk, threatening getting into the black list;
  3. accounts belonging to well-known complaint senders.

Proоfy is a professional cloud service capable of automatically suppressing all these types of addresses. The platform protects the reputation of the sender, while increasing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Online software knows exactly what’s a valid email address, providing the result in the form of a valid and, most important, targeted contact.

What is a valid email address format

You can make your campaigns more successful by using the extra level of protection that integrates with your website. At the moment when the user is registered and if his mailer is intentionally or accidentally entered incorrectly, the software will display an error message, as well as the requirement to enter the correct data. Thus, only a valid email address format can be received.

The standard verification of mailers concerns 2 components of the email address: mail prefix and domain. 

Email prefix

The mail prefix is displayed to the left of the @ symbol. The maximum limit is 64 characters (any letters of the alphabet, numbers, special characters, period): #! % $ ‘& + * – / =? ^ _. 

Email domain

The email domain is displayed to the right of the @ symbol. This is a unique combination of letters and numbers that belongs to a particular postal service provider. The domain name limit is 255 characters. It must conform to the specification for host names.

Examples of a valid email address

Answering the question what does valid email mean, the mail validation software checks the prefix part for consistency, spelling and arrangement of special characters. A deeper analysis involves checking for the relationship between a specific mailing address and domain. To make it clear, here is an example of a valid email address: [email protected]

Entrust the routine to a professional! Proofy makes it possible to determine whether the email address is valid, temporary or invalid. And you will always have a clean and high-quality database of contacts for effective campaigns!

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