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Email Address Verification

Get awesome and powerful way to verify your
email list online fast and easy.
From $0.006 per check 500 free checks

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Priced to scale. Pay for email verifying as you go.

Run your working processes fast and effortlessly

up to 98.5% Deliverability

up to 98.5% Deliverability

Bring your future email campaigns to the next level

Increase Conversion Rate

Increase Conversion Rate

Spend your working time only on real customers

Protect Servers Reputation

Protect Servers Reputation

Avoid trash emails to protect your SMTP servers

Best Pricing Offer

Best Pricing Offer

Get unlimited access and all features for the best price

Verify email address list
fast and effortlessly

Just drag & drop your file with emails into the admin panel and email adresses will be verified and sorted. An assurance report with results will be ready to download soon. It doesn’t get any easier!

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Drag & drop file here
Choose a .txt or .csv file with email list
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Easily integrate Proofy email verification
API to your website.

Run process verifying email addresses straight on your web or mobile application. This is the best way to capture good leads discarding invalid email addresses just at the point.

Proofy is packed full of features

All the processes are clear: you just give us the emails list, we verify them as fast as possible

Emails Deduplication

Emails Deduplication

Get rid of the duplicate email and present only unique addresses

SMTP Connection

SMTP Connection

Checks SMTP: connect to SMTP servers and simulate sending of an email message

MX Records

MX Records

Validates MX records on existence for every mail address

Syntax Verifier

Syntax Verifier

Fully cleans your verify list from addresses with syntax errors

Realtime Processing

Realtime Processing is cloud service that allows you to run work processes fast and effortlessly

Domain Validation

Domain Validation

Marks all the emails containing inactive or invalid domains

Risk Validator

Risk Validator

Identifies and marks all the emails which domain accepts any email on their domain

Proofy Awards

Proofy 2.0 - A bulk email verification service | Product Hunt Embed

The fact that it can verify tens of thousands of emails within minutes is amazing. Great price compared to many of the competitors. The software works fine and has not had any hick ups so far.
— Rob Reimer

COO at Captarget

I honestly can say my search for a high quality low price email validation service is over. I have been using them for the past year and could not be happier.
— Anna Knyazan

Web Developer

It is just a pleasure to use this simple and convenient email verification service. Scans very fast, accurate, creditable service.
— Remy Johnson

Product Manager

4.4 / 5

4.4 / 5

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5 / 5

5 / 5

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prf customer 04 min

Common Questions About Email Verifications

What is the purpose of verifying emails?

Purpose of verifying emails is avoid bounces, catch all, dead emails. You increase email deliverability, save your domain email, enhance open rate.

How accurate are the email verification results?

The accuracy of the results is 98.5% of the status “deliverable”.

Are you send an email to check validity of emails?

No,  we don’t send an email to check validity of emails.

Is the Email Verifier free?

Yes we give 500 credits for free for new users and also we have a program where you can earn up to 50K checks for free.

How much does 1 email validation cost?

Start price from $0.006 / per 1 check.

Can you verify any email?

Yes,  our service verify all emails in the world.

How fast is your Email Verifier?

All data is different, and the time it takes to process depends on the types of emails and on the domains we are reaching out to. On average, our system processes a list of 100,000 emails in 45 minutes.

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