Email Campaign Tools for Agencies – Quick Review

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“Personalization and automation of email marketing will help to adapt to the tastes and preferences of your customers and, thus, improve the quality of communication with them. It will be much easier for you to analyze the collected customer information and make informed decisions. This gives companies the ability to customize content for each individual user based on their preferences. Which will lead to an increase in openness, clickability and conversion.
Any email campaign mast have clean email base what I mean before emailing use free email verification.”

Criteria for choosing an email sending tool 

We assume that you have already 

  1. Made a list of tasks that you want being solved with the help of email newsletters.
  2. Written down a rough list of tools you can use
  3. And came to the choice of the email automation tool. 

What criteria should you pay attention to?


To solve standard tasks (not the advanced ones, but also not the basics), you will need: 

  • A handy database to collect emails.
  • A way to conduct A/B tests.
  • Some analytics tools – emails’ open rate, deliverability, etc.
  • A collection of templates for typical tasks. 
  • A convenient email editor. 
  • Flexible segmentation options, for example, to send different emails to wholesale and retail customers, etc.


If you’re not the exact person who will conduct email newsletters, it’s mandatory to consider the opinion of those employees, who will perform this duty for you. Sometimes services suggest a similar functionality, so the only way to pick is to choose by the user experience. It must be comfortable for your e-marketer for use, it’s the only way you can count on high results.


Don’t consider only the subscription price. Sometimes a cheap subscription means additional expenses: advanced functionality, additional settings. Think twice whether it’s reasonable to pay for the Pro version, learn the offered tools and decide if you need them for your work.

Usually, email services have a free version with some restrictions. It would be nice to exactly understand the restrictions – maybe it’s the number of emails you can send for free, or maybe it’s some functional. Maybe you don’t even need the paid functional, and will not need it until the email automation tool brings some real income to you. So you could reinvest a part of it to the Pro version to earn even more.


I guess you regularly need to check if the email campaign is going right in the moment, and you don’t always have your PC with you. So it’s really nice if the email sending tool has at least a mobile version, and a fully functional mobile app would be just perfect.

Specific features

Here we can put anything unique, that the email tools provide us to extend the basic functionality. For example, additional channels for newsletters: SMS, messengers, social media; email validation capabilities and so on. Or, for example, tools for deeper analysis. 

A list of email automation services

The described services meet most of the criteria that we have discussed above.


It’s a convenient email distribution service, designed to perform simple tasks. High automation level – you can craft ready-made scripts for sending emails that consist of several actions.

Analyze the audience’s activity, divide it by this criterion and select the appropriate emails.

One of the disadvantages is limited segmentation capabilities.

UniSender is an easy-to-use service with a user-friendly interface and sufficient analytics capabilities for small and medium-sized businesses.


It’s a comprehensive software that, along with email mailing, allows you to send emails and messages by SMS, in messengers and web pushes. SendPulse has a high standard automation — customizable email chains, scripts that respond to user actions.

The free version has limited functionality so you can send up to 15 thousand emails per month. The number of recipients is limited to 2.5 thousand.


Another mailing service suitable for standard small business tasks. Its functionality is less than that of MailChimp (read below), but it is enough for most situations. If you don’t want to overpay for unnecessary features and heavy programs, Mailerlite is your choice.

BTW, we have a native integration with Mailerlite!

Among the features — a plain interface that is easy to understand; low price rates-from $10 per month for 1000 subscribers and an unlimited number of emails.


Meet the most common email distribution service in the world. It gained the users’ love with its convenience, a large range of features and the ability to integrate with anything: from social networks to website construction tools. 

Mailchimp’s interface is friendly and understandable even for non-proficient users. The service has dozens of ready-made templates and mailing scenarios: email series with triggers for specific actions.

Separately, we note the high speed of letters delivery, a nice mobile application, and adequate rates, given the available functionality.


This mailing service is not much different from its analogs: the same convenient segmentation, ready-made templates, and trigger scenarios. detailed analytics, testing, anti-spam.

We also note that there are no restrictions on the number of emails in all tariffs and a collection of stock photos for emails. From $19 monthly for all that stuff.

Hubspot CRM

We have a whole article about it on our Proofy blog, so I guess repeating ourselves would be a mauvais.

Choose a mailing service based on your tasks. Do not overpay for “heavy” mailing services if you do not plan to use all the functionality. Think twice so that you don’t waste time testing tools that are not suitable for you.

May the marketing force be with you!

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