How to reverse lookup an email address

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Нow to reverse lookup an email address • Best reverse email lookup tools and methods | Proofy

best ways to search by email will boost conversions when communicating with customers or find out detailed information about the email sender. 

What is a reverse email search

The best free reverse email lookup figures out these data without paying a subscription:

  • first and last name;
  • geolocation;
  • interests;
  • contact phone number;
  • posted pictures;
  • pages on social networks and more.

When analyzing what an e-mail search is, it is assumed that provided publicly available data is taken from open sources. Therefore, such data collection is legal.

Before opening the contents of an email from an unknown sender, you need to find out who that is. A quick guide on how to reverse search an email yourself:

  1. You need to copy the email address into the search form.
  2. The service performs data analysis.
  3. Study the information received.

Reverse email search methods

Relevant email search tools – search engines, social media, and special services. Every search tool can be used to identify individuals and legal entities. 

Perform a Google Search

Google is the best email lookup based on speed, availability (free), and information quality.

This search engine provides all the data about any person in case he or she used the specified address when registering on a forum or some other site. 

You may look at the issue by image, where the sender’s photos may appear. Instructions on how to do an email search for free via Google:

  1. Enter the desired address in the search bar, press the search button.
  2. By examining the results, you can see there are direct or possible matches with the entered address on the pages. Usually, the first 3-5 sites are associated with the sender directly.
  3. To narrow the search results, the address is enclosed in quotation marks (““). Then the system will only show pages with a direct mention of the email of interest.

Reverse e-mail Lookup Through Social Media

This method of searching by email works provided that the sender is registered on social networks with the email address.

All social resources have a search bar where you can enter your email. There are two options for this method:

  • Manual. Independent search in social networks of interest.
  • Auto. Special search services themselves process all sites, issuing a report on the work done.

Use Email Lookup Services

Search services process all sources of information, including data from the dark web. They can be used to search for individuals or legal entities and companies. 

There is no single instruction on how to search for an email address via special services. It usually requires registration with the service and following the instructions.

The first category is general information search services. They are more suitable for individuals. 

  • Lullar. The base includes more than 30 sources. The search results will contain sites highlighted in color. They contain data about the addressee of interest.
  • Pipl. One of the best free ways to search an email address. It often takes a few seconds to process a request.
  • Peekyou. An alternative service that provides general information about the sender of the letter. It also contains an extensive database and provides results quickly. 
  • Chrome extensions. The tools built into the Chrome browser are enough to fully search for the recipient. It is recommended to install the add-on if you regularly need to look for details about the sender. To use the service, you need to add it to your Chrome as a regular extension. The add-ons list contains different tools with user ratings and detailed descriptions. Example: LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Alternatively, EmailSherlock, Social Catfish, or Spokeo are relevant too.

Another category of services is suitable for professional searches. 

  • To work through this service, you need to create an account. Registration is free, but the service also provides paid services. Before entering the address, you must select the company search option. The results of the issue will contain general information about the company, as well as the contact details of some employees.
  • Aeroleads. The issue includes 15 parameters (location, position, contacts, name, etc.). The main search base is LinkedIn. The service is distinguished by its accuracy and wide range of issues. You can make about 10 search operations for free.

Gmail FullContact can serve as an alternative to these services, but the information content of the results obtained is sometimes lower.

Best reverse email lookup tools

By searching through the email address, you can find out that the sender used anonymous mailing services. This could indicate fraud or a desire to plant malware on the device.

This can be determined by all search methods.

  • Google. A manual, quick way to find basic public information.
  • Social networks. Performed in manual or automatic mode, finds the sender’s pages exclusively on social networks.
  • Special services. Automatic search in an extensive database, providing results by many parameters. Effective, often provide paid services.

An anonymous sender harming a company or individual can be found by contacting the police. You should make a statement to the law enforcement agencies even if you try to find out the attacker on your own.

If no harm has been done, send the sender’s address to the ignored list and not open any files attached to the letter (do not follow any links from it).

Choose the right email reverse search tool

Among all the options, the best way to find an email to identify an individual is Lullar, Pipl, and alternative services. To find companies, it is advisable to use and Aeroleads.


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