What is email automation and & How Does Automated Email Work

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Email automation: concept, principles of work, advantages

Free yourself from the daily routine of sending the same messages to your clients. Use a special algorithm that is built in email automation, which easily solves a huge range of tasks. For example, sending an email with “Hello!” upon a customer’s subscription, or reminding that a placement of an order has not been fully completed, providing prompt updates or advertising messages – automated email can handle all of these tasks. This tool not only clears your to-do list of repetitive tasks, it gives you time to solve other, more global issues: communicating with clients in a Q&A format, providing product announcement, increasing engagement of customers and reminding of why they have chosen you. In our blog we will discuss what is email automation,  why this is so important to use it, and what are the advantages of this tool.

What is email automation?

In a nutshell, sending the right content to target subscribers at the perfect time is automated email marketing. However, there is much more behind this definition than meets the eye. This feature is also called triggered, since its algorithm is based on behavioral factors, preferences and personalized experience of subscribers. Depending on what actions have been taken or not taken by your customers at the website or in the application, an agency providing mail services will automatically send them a message with a certain information. You decide what will be in this bulletin. The main thing is that automated email sending is an opportunity to be in touch with your customers online, while the information for each of them will be individual. This way, you get interested and loyal customers with high retention rates.

Why use automated email?

An automatically sent content can be as follows:

  • welcome letters that bring new subscribers up to date, thereby, they start using your products/services more quickly;
  • emails motivating customers to move on to the next stage of your sales funnel;
  • greeting cards for a birthday, anniversary or other celebration that increase the loyalty of the audience;
  • confirmations of registration of new users, which ensures that subscribers are real, active, and targeted.

Intelligent, targeted mail automation bridges the gap between transactional and marketing campaigns. With the help of special tools, you will get a scalable and efficient way to send the necessary content aimed for a specific user. This will be a logical answer to his question or action/lack of action. At the same time, you can launch the software quickly and easily, as well as get significant results.

Benefits of email marketing automation

The benefits of automated email campaigns include the following:

  1. Relevance – a user, after taking a certain action, starts the work process, as a result he receives an automated email that he is most likely to open and achieve what he wants.
  2. Increase in engagement – with the help of email automation, you can train your customers on how to use your products, reward them for feedback or create motivation to come back to you again. Thus, engagement will increase.
  3. Brand promotion – using automation software you will have a personalized channel of communication with your subscribers, which in turn is also an extension of the brand that you are promoting.
  4. Loyalty and Retention – Helping with the signup process and upon mastering the usability of your website or application will provide loyalty of your subscribers who will not only recommend your brand to others, but will also become regular and loyal customers themselves.
  5. Profitability – A well-written message sent to a customer at the perfect time is the key to a success in such things as providing billing information, updating accounting records, or returning as an interested buyer.

Well, the most important advantage is that the email automation tools are aimed at those who are already on your site or are being acquainted with the brand through another channel. Thus, the chances that these users will go further down the sales funnel and become your regular customers increase significantly.

Personalizing the customer experience

Believe me, almost all customers love personalization. According to numerous studies, more than 90% of users find the personalized content much more attractive than the mass content. The same number of consumers make companies that provide an individual approach to each client their favorites.

It is also important for an advertisement at the site to be based on users’ preferences and behavior. This will get you more clicks and an increase in sales. Besides, make sure that your marketing messages are targeted at specific interests of the audience. All this can be done by using the automated email system.

Make the most of your marketing team

Recent studies have shown that applying the automated email for sending messages significantly increases the efficiency of the company’s staff. By using the automated email marketing campaigns, you can reduce the time it takes to make a mailing list and manually prepare messages. The released potential of the marketing team can be used to solve much more significant problems, for example, to improve communication with customers.

Improve your customer retention rate

To improve customer retention, never send something like this: “You haven’t visited us for a long time! We will be glad to see you again! ”

Among all the email marketing automation examples, this one is the best: “Dear Catherine, we want to make sure you have heard about the new collection of sportswear that you used to purchase specifically from us so often! Hurry up for amazing discounts of up to 30% on all tracksuits from your favorite brand!”

It makes your marketing strategy scalable

Throw away the outdated principle of work when the number of attracted customers is limited by the number of your employees. Email marketing marketing automation makes it scalable. That is, you do not need your employee to be always at his workspace to send messages to subscribers. By integrating the software into your system, setting it with special algorithms based on tracked customer actions, you can relax, because the system will do all the routine work for you. 

Using automated email marketing to grow your business

In the question of what is email automation, an important role is played by a trigger, which is a specific message associated with a specific time or date, a specific event, or a user’s action. Thus, popular triggers signal the system to send a certain content:

  • new subscriber – “Welcome!”
  • the item in the cart – “Do you need help placing an order?”
  • specialties and promotions – “We have something special for you!”

By automating email based on the interests of your subscribers, you can present your products to the users in the way they like it the most. Thus, personalization of your email campaign will help increase one-click sales by at least 1.5 times.

Making mail automation more effective

To make automated email work as efficiently as possible, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Analyze the information received from customer feedback. This will help collect more valuable data (whether the subscriber has opened the letter, made a transition to the site, whether he uses your offers, whether he has bought products, etc.).
  2.  A well thought-out discount strategy assumes that you will compensate delivery costs with discount coupons or discount promo codes. Try dosing discounts; do not overuse them. Otherwise, your customers will be unhappy if at some point you sell without a discount.

Drip campaigns can also be distinguished among email marketing automation best practices. They provide for gradual and regular “drips” to the client’s mailer, who interacts with your site several times before making a purchase. Such drip campaigns will lead him to placing an order sooner or later.

Role of email verification in automated email campaigns 

The world around us is becoming more personalized and focused on the individuality of each person. Take full advantage of this trend by applying Proofy – the best email automation. This software will greatly facilitate your work, whether you are an entrepreneur or a marketer. You can dramatically improve your email campaigns, forgetting what it is like to send individual emails manually. You will find that customer engagement, as well as a more convenient work with email for your subscribers, is something that can be achieved quickly and easily. Our software has a simple interface, and setting up the email automation tools takes a minimum of time and effort. All you need to do is sign up for a free trial now!

Email automation: final thoughts

Would you like to find your audience and expand the existing one, attract new customers and motivate the old ones to come back to you? Email marketing automation tools are just what the doctor ordered! The main difference between an automatic campaign and a manually set campaign is that it works invisibly but very efficiently. While it is functioning, meticulously collecting data about each of your clients and creating content for them, you are busy with other, more important tasks.

The main feature of automated email sending is personalized messages that are sent automatically to both new users and regular customers and even the potential ones. By combining state-of-the-art automation software with the tools of consumer behavior analytics, you will be able to improve your targeting on and on. This evolution will happen every time the system sends emails to your subscribers. This is a top-notch solution that will help your business grow, bringing pleasant dividends.

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