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API verification
1{ "mail":
2   {
3    "status":"3",
4    "statusName":"risky",
5    "mail":"",
5    "isMoreInfo":"1",
5    "syntax":"1",
6    "isMx":"0",
6    "isMxResponce":"0",
7    "disposable":"0",
8    "catchAll":"0"
9   }
Bulk checking
45 emails
86 emails
13 emails
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96.7%  deliverability
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Increase conversion rate
Convert your leads to customers using more effective way
Protect servers repute
Avoid trash emails to protect your smtp servers score
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Real-time API

With api you can run email address process verification straight on your web or mobile application. This is the best way to capture good leads discarding invalid email addresses just at the point of entry.
What you will get with The Proofy API:
  • Reduce bounces before they happend;
  • Use any language or interface;
  • Save your data with private key authentication.
Check list

Email address
list verification

Verifying your email list without installing any software or plugins. All you need is just to drag & drop a file with email list into the admin panel. We’ll sort out them and you’ll just download the result. It doesn’t get any easier!

Core features

We help to verify emails fast and effortlessly

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Email Deduplication
Get rids of the duplicate emails to contain only unique addresses
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Syntax verifier
Fully cleans your email list from addresses with syntax errors
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Domain validation
Marks all the emails containing inactive or invalid domains
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MX Records
Validates MX records on existence for every email address
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SMTP connection
Checks SMTP: connect to SMTP servers and simulate sending of an email message
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Mailbox Error
Flags emails outputting different mailbox errors including messages like "Mailbox full"
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Risk validator
Identifies and marks all the emails which domain accepts any email on their domain
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Realtime processing is cloude service that allows you to run work processes fast and effortlessly

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